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Did WWE drop another hint for The Rock’s return at Royal Rumble 2023?

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Jan 20, 2023

The Rock’s rumored return at Royal Rumble 2023 has been the hottest bit of speculation in the last few weeks. WWE, ever the cheeky promotion, has been subtly teasing his comeback with electrifying posters and announcing Cody Rhodes’ return well in advance.

The Rock appearing at Royal Rumble 2023 will break the internet, especially considering a return would also mean he shows up for WrestleMania 39. This year’s edition of ‘Mania is called WrestleMania Hollywood, which has got everyone raising their eyebrows like the WWE legend himself.

WWE dropped another hint regarding The Great One’s appearance on January 28. If you missed it, we have got you covered.

WWE released some new merchandise of The Rock ahead of his return at Royal Rumble 2023. Good timing or just a coincidence? We’ll let you decide what the two are cooking.

In the meantime, we like what we are seeing. The hoodies look clean and casual with the eyebrow-raising Brahma Bull on full display. This is one of the better pieces of merchandise in Rocky’s corner.


Will The Rock win the Men’s Royal Rumble in 2023?

The Rock returning at Royal Rumble 2023 would be huge for the wrestling industry, but whether or not he should win the match is a different debate. While there is a compelling case to be made for his victory, we shall explore the most likely scenarios.

At this moment in time, Rock is one of three favorites to win the Royal Rumble match. The other two superstars in this conversation are Cody Rhodes and Sami Zayn. Both have compelling storylines that are worthy of the main event of WrestleMania 39 heading into January 28.

Rhodes’ quest to win the world championship has seen him have the run of his career in WWE. His return from injury is huge and could be capitalized on as the main storyline for the Road to WrestleMania. Zayn, on the other hand, has had a phenomenal run with The Bloodline, but you sense his time with the group is on thin ice. A babyface turn will come if Roman Reigns boots him, which would be a Daniel Bryan-esque rise to the main event.

Meanwhile, The Most Electrifying Man in all of Entertainment winning the second Rumble of his career would set him on a collision course with his cousin. The two megastars battling for the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship is money. We shall see what WWE ends up going with in the coming days.

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