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New update reveals how Bray Wyatt and LA Knight will wrestle in “Pitch Black” match at the Royal Rumble

ByRD Media

Jan 28, 2023

Fans are still in the dark about how the Mountain Dew Pitch Black match between Bray Wyatt and LA Knight will play out in the Royal Rumble. Perhaps it’s due to the fact that no formal rules have been explained to fans. A new report has indicated the possibility of how the two will compete.

Apart from the confusion, the feud between Bray Wyatt and LA Knight has been a smashing success. Fans are thrilled at seeing Wyatt in his new persona, and LA Knight has gotten the biggest spotlight of his career – getting more exposure than he has at any point in his two-decade-long wrestling career.

According to a report on Fightful Select, the idea behind the Mountain Dew Pitch Black match is to have a lot of neon elements to the match and altered lighting that will allow Bray Wyatt and LA Knight to wrestle:

“Mountain Dew Pitch Black was a major sponsor of WWE Royal Rumble, the press conference, and the Pitch Black match. So far, we were told that a lot of neon elements were involved in the match, altered lighting and that rundowns were taking place several weeks ago.”

This makes sense, as they certainly can’t compete with no lights on. Fans will just hope that it’s nowhere close to the red-tainted lights when The Fiend used to wrestle.

How did Bray Wyatt get the last laugh before the Royal Rumble?

The go-home episode of RAW and SmackDown before the Royal Rumble saw Bray Wyatt have two interactions with his rival LA Knight. First, on the 30th anniversary episode of RAW, where Wyatt was assisted by The Undertaker before he hit the Sister Abigail on LA Knight.

Second, on the latest episode of SmackDown, where LA Knight came out dressed up as The Eater of Worlds – Wyatt’s cult-leader persona before 2018. However, the former WWE Universal Champion simply issued a warning before a stunned LA Knight saw Uncle Howdy watching over him.

What are your thoughts on the Mountain Dew Pitch Black? Who do you think will win? Sound off in the comments below:

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