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“Drew should have never actually lost the title” – WWE veteran shares honest thoughts about The Scottish Warrior (Exclusive)

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Feb 5, 2023

Wrestling veteran Adam Bomb recently revealed just how much of a fan he was of Drew McIntyre, saying the latter should have never lost his WWE Championship.

The Scottish Warrior is one of WWE’s most beloved babyfaces, who’s currently teaming with Sheamus for a feud with The Viking Raiders on SmackDown. The biggest’s moment of McIntyre’s career came at WrestleMania 36, where he defeated Brock Lesnar to capture the WWE Championship.

Though he lost and regained the title during a feud with Randy Orton, he never won it again after The Miz cashed in his MITB briefcase at Elimination Chamber 2021 to defeat him. Moreover, McIntyre came inches closer to winning the Undisputed Universal Championship from Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle but fell short.

Speaking to Sportskeeda Wrestling during Hooked on Wrestling’s Royal Rumble Watch Party at BOXPark Wembley, Adam Bomb lavished praise on Drew McIntyre. He stated that The Scottish Warrior should have never lost the gold in the first place.

“I think Drew should have never actually lost the title in the first place. That’s just my opinion. I think he’s a hell of a talent and nothing but things for my boy,” said Adam Bomb. [0:50 – 1:02]

Check out the video below:

Former WWE star Adam Bomb on his time in WCW

Elsewhere in the interview, Adam Bomb recalled his time in WCW, saying he enjoyed competing for the company despite the chaos backstage. He also looked back at working as Wrath in WCW and having a long, undefeated streak.

The wrestling veteran also revealed how his former tag team partner, the late Brian Adams, persuaded him to join hands to form KroniK. Adam Bomb added that despite initially being apprehensive, he later relented and agreed

“People do say it was crazy backstage. Maybe at times, it was. But I personally enjoyed my time at WCW. I loved my run as Wrath. I had an undefeated streak for probably 8,9 months. After a couple of injuries, I began working as a tag team with Brian (Adams). I was actually asked by Brian to be his partner, First, I was like, ‘Nah, I want to be single.’ But Brian was very persistent, and he kept calling me, and I was like, ‘let’s do it.’ Fans actually came up with the name KroniK. So I enjoyed my time in WWE; I really did,” said Adam Bomb. [3:20 – 4:03]

Adam Bomb and Brian Adams had a successful run as KroniK, winning the WCW Tag Team Championships on two occasions.

What do you make of Adam Bomb’s thoughts on why Drew McIntyre shouldn’t have lost the WWE Championship? Sound off in the comments section below.

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