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“Get rid of all that goth stuff” – Major character change pitched for Rhea Ripley following Royal Rumble win (Exclusive)

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Feb 6, 2023

Rhea Ripley will get another opportunity to become a women’s champion in WWE when she faces Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania. While booking a title change would be a logical step, Vince Russo pitched the idea for WWE to turn Ripley as he felt she would need it to get her championship run over.

Vince Russo has long been a Rhea Ripley fan and was glad to see her win the Women’s Royal Rumble Match, guaranteeing her a prominent WrestleMania spot against The Queen.

While the Australian star has done phenomenally well as a heel since joining Judgment Day, Vince Russo believes Ripley should turn babyface if WWE makes her the women’s champion.

The former WWE writer called for the company to change Ripley’s gimmick and present her in a different avatar after she possibly dethrones Charlotte Flair.

Russo also talked about the lack of credible babyfaces on the female roster and why WWE should avoid leaning back on the likes of Becky Lynch for a future program with Ripley.

“So now, you’re getting into that Roman Reigns area again. I would do it, bro, if the plans were to slowly but surely turn Rhea Ripley babyface. Get rid of all that goth stuff; let’s really see what a beautiful woman she is if that were the plan,” said Vince on Writing with Russo. “If she is the heel WWE Women’s Champion, I mean, what are we going to do, have Becky beat her? Like, how many times are we going to go back to that well? And if it’s not Becky, then who is it?” (9:24 – 10:08)

“Rhea Ripley would kill them” – Vince Russo compares the Judgment Day member to other female WWE starts

The former NXT Women’s Champion has always been tipped for a top spot in WWE, but she inarguably has experienced her best run this far as The Eradicator of Judgment Day.

Ripley has been an incredibly dominant force in the women’s division, as she’s pretty much beaten most of the talents on RAW over the past few months. She also hasn’t backed down when facing off against a few of her male counterparts, leading to obvious comparisons with the legendary Chyna.

Vince Russo said that Ripley was the most believable talent WWE had to take Charlotte Flair down at WrestleMania. Russo, however, said the problems could arise after ‘Mania as he admitted that no other female wrestler currently in WWE could realistically beat Ripley.

The former WWE head writer added:

I believe Rhea Ripley can beat Charlotte Flair. Rhea Ripley is a beast. She is a big woman. I’d believe that if she beats Charlotte, I believe it. But my problem really is, bro, so now would you have Rhea Ripley as a heel champion, and then because she is bigger and just more impressive than the other girls? You know, we’ve got the Candice LeRaes, and we’ve got the Alexa Blisses, we’ve got these girls that are like, Rhea Ripley would kill them!” (8:40 – 9:23)


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