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Twitter explodes after Brock Lesnar references superstar who isn’t allowed to be mentioned on WWE TV

ByRD Media

Feb 7, 2023

Brock Lesnar did what no WWE Superstar is allowed to do – reference or mention Sable.

Sable is Brock Lesnar’s wife in real life, and she has been away from the business for decades now. There is no confirmed reason why WWE refuses to mention the former women’s champion. Torrie Wilson revealed that in her Hall of Fame speech a few years ago, she was specifically instructed not to mention Sable.

Brock Lesnar turned up on the latest episode of RAW looking to admonish some punishment on Bobby Lashley. The All Mighty eliminated The Beast Incarnate at the Royal Rumble, and the latter stated that he couldn’t stop thinking about Lashley.

During his promo, Lesnar mentioned Sable. He was going on about how Bobby Lashley was on his mind, whether he was fishing or spending four or five hours with his wife in bed.

The non-PG reference of Sable left the WWE Universe reeling on Twitter:

Lesnar offered Bobby Lashley a contract on RAW this week. However, the contract was not for WrestleMania but for Elimination Chamber. Lashley denied the contract offer and stated that he wanted to talk to his manager first. This resulted in Lesnar hitting him with an F5.

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