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Multiple botches take place during opening segment on RAW after Edge kicks off show

ByRD Media

Feb 7, 2023

WWE RAW opened with Edge and Beth Phoenix making their way out to the ring to kick things off. They wouldn’t have to wait too long before they were interrupted by Judgment Day, but things soon went very wrong in multiple ways.

The Judgment Day and Edge have been in a feud for a long time, ever since the Rated-R Superstar was kicked out of the group that he started. In an “I Quit” match at Extreme Rules, Rhea Ripley assaulted Phoenix, forcing Edge to watch the beatdown on his wife.

This naturally made him say that he quit, but that wasn’t enough for the stable, who continued the vicious assault, putting them both out of action. Since then, the Rated-R Superstar and Phoenix have returned to the ring and naturally focused their wrath on Judgment Day again.

This week, when Judgment Day made its way out, Rhea Ripley was missing from their group. It appears that without her presence and with the excitement of the segment overall, Damian Priest found it difficult to speak, tripping over his words.

The most noticeable botch he made saw him call the Elimination Chamber the Money in the Bank instead.

Thankfully, he recovered immediately and changed things around. He said that Edge had gotten him so flustered that he forgot how to speak.

He corrected himself and then gave the mic back to Dominik.

Unfortunately, that was not the last of the issues. As the segment wound up, WWE headed into an ad break, but they immediately came back.

Fans saw the match between Priest and Angelo Dawkins start, but it happened without any commentary, as WWE was officially on an ad break. The late cut saw fans seeing things that WWE didn’t mean to.

Did you catch the botches on RAW? Sound off in the comments below.

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