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Baron Corbin horrified by a fan’s crazy tweet about him

ByRD Media

Feb 12, 2023

Former United States Champion Baron Corbin was sick to his stomach over a recent tweet shared by a WWE fan.

Corbin has been a WWE mainstay for several years. He has done quite well as a hated heel on WWE TV over the years. He is winner of the King of the Ring tournament and is also a former United States Champion. The Modern Day Wrestling God was recently in a program with Hall of Famer JBL, but the latter has now left his side.

One fan recently shared a now-deleted tweet stating that Corbin should be released, and they won’t even have to worry about another company signing him.

“If there is one person @WWE could cut right now, wave the 90 day non compete clause, & have zero worry about ANY company signing him it would be @BaronCorbinWWE! The only time I was happy to see him was when @PatMcAfeeShow made fun of him calling him #BumA*sCorbin! That was gold!”

The tweet left Baron Corbin appalled, and he didn’t mince words while expressing his anger over the same.

“Seriously some people just make me sick. I will never understand what’s wrong with you.”

Check out a screengrab of the exchange below:

Baron Corbin received massive support in the comment section of his tweet

Fans of Corbin flocked to the reply section of his latest tweet and extended their support to the WWE Superstar. Check out some of the responses that he received:

Corbin has spoken up on various occasions about such fans in past interviews. He occasionally claps back at them on Twitter and Instagram. Back in 2020, Corbin responded to fans saying that he had “go away” heat.

He stated that he doesn’t want to be “cool.”

“I take pride in being a true heel. I take pride in really irritating people in that way so much that they are trying to make up words like ‘go away heat.’ This is actual irritation that I am causing people. And I am trying to do it as much as possible. I don’t want to be cool. I want to walk out and watch people’s faces just turned to anger and frustration. I am getting the middle finger from an 8-year old kid to a 90-year old grandmother.” [H/T WrestlingInc]

After JBL left Baron Corbin’s side on the latest episode of RAW, it remains to be seen what the future holds for the former Money in the Bank winner.

Do you believe Baron Corbin receives too much unnecessary hate from some fans? Let us know in the comments section below.

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