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Watch: Roman Reigns appears to no-sell Sami Zayn’s finisher, walks out of the arena following WWE Elimination Chamber

ByRD Media

Feb 19, 2023

Undisputed WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns wasn’t hanging around following his win over Sami Zayn at Elimination Chamber. The Tribal Chief seemingly no sold his Helluva Kick and walked out of the arena.

Roman Reigns’ brutal battle with Sami Zayn ended with multiple distractions from Jimmy Uso and even Jey Uso. To end the contest, Zayn mistakenly attacked Jey and ate a spear from Reigns.

Following the physically draining match, Reigns was attacked by Sami after Kevin Owens came to his friend’s aid. However, The Tribal Chief was able to roll out of the ring after taking Sami Zayn’s finisher and walk up the ramp without any issues.

Clearly, he wanted to get out of the ring to give Zayn the spotlight in his hometown, but there are better ways of doing it. He could have rolled out and remained on the floor until the cameras were off, or he could have sold as he made his way up the ramp.

Of course, there is the possibility that Roman Reigns purposely walked out of the arena after the match or that the cameraman wasn’t supposed to catch him walking up the ramp.

It remains to be seen what the aftermath of the brutal encounter between Reigns and Zayn will be as WWE heads towards WrestleMania after Elimination Chamber.

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