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WWE Elimination Chamber 2023: 4 biggest questions from the show

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Feb 20, 2023

WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 was an exciting show that lived up to expectations and set the stage for WrestleMania 39’s biggest matches.

Asuka booked her ticket to a RAW Women’s Championship match against Bianca Belair when she outlasted five other women in the chamber. Austin Theory also retained the United States Title in the Men’s Elimination Chamber match following some interference from Logan Paul.

The Grit Couple, Edge and Beth Phoenix, prevailed over The Judgment Day’s Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley. Brock Lesnar vs. Bobby Lashley ended in disqualification for The Beast Incarnate.

In one of the most emotional main events in recent memory, Roman Reigns retained the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship over Sami Zayn.

Many questions were answered, but some were raised too. On that note, let’s look at four of the biggest questions from WWE Elimination Chamber 2023.


#4 Following the controversial finish at WWE Elimination Chamber 2023, what’s next for Bobby Lashley and Brok Lesnar?

Bobby Lashley vs. Brock Lesnar III was one of the most highly-anticipated matches of WWE Elimination Chamber 2023. However, the encounter came to an underwhelming conclusion when Lesnar low-blowed Lashley. The Beast Incarnate destroyed The All Mighty and the referee in the aftermath.

Considering the controversial finish and post-match assault, there wasn’t a definitive conclusion to the Lesnar-Lashley saga. The end may have served to fuel a No-Disqualification bout between the two behemoths shortly. However, an eerie Bray Wyatt adds another twist to this tale.

The Eater of Worlds claimed on SmackDown that he’d be waiting for the winner of the Lashley vs. Lesnar contest. While there technically wasn’t a definitive winner, Lashley won via Disqualification. As such, Wyatt could set his sights on the former WWE Champion.

However, is Lashley done with Lesnar and vice versa? Furthermore, who will The Beast face at The Show of Shows if he isn’t facing The All Mighty at Mania? Where and how will Bray Wyatt figure into the ongoing Lesnar-Lashley saga?

#3. Is Logan Paul a heel now?

If it weren’t for Logan Paul’s last-minute interference, Seth Rollins might have walked out of Montreal with the US Championship. Paul took advantage of an open door when the officials were helping an injured Montez Ford return backstage.
The Maverick paced into the ring, struck Rollins with a Buckshot Lariat, and added insult to injury with a Stomp. Theory retained the US Championship while Paul watched The Visionary fail.
For weeks, Rollins launched a verbal tirade on Paul, believing him to be unworthy of becoming a professional wrestler. However, the YouTube megastar may have crossed all borders, forcing The Visionary to take him down.
Considering his cowardly actions and the crowd’s boisterous response at WWE Elimination Chamber 2023, Paul felt like a heel. As for Rollins, he remains one of the most popular superstars.
Does the company intend to portray The Maverick as a villain, or will Triple H blur the heel-face dynamics in this heated rivalry?

#2. Will The Street Profits split ahead of WrestleMania?

At WWE Elimination Chamber 2023, Montez Ford had a career-defining performance. Ford left it all on the line fighting for the prestigious US Title. From diving from the chamber’s roof to pinning Bronson Reed and Damian Priest, he put on a fantastic show for those in attendance.

The crowd was visibly frustrated when Tez was unfortunately eliminated after a skull-shattering Curb Stomp. The former RAW Tag Team Champion may soon break out as a singles superstar, but that should also herald the end of The Street Profits.

How will Angelo Dawkins respond to his tag team partner’s actions? Will he be proud or envious of Tez’s growing popularity?

It may be too soon to split The Street Profits ahead of WrestleMania, but WWE has every reason to do so. Montez Ford’s fame and ability as a singles star are atop the list.


#1. Why did Kevin Owens interfere after the main event?

The main event of WWE Elimination Chamber 2023 was an emotional storytelling masterpiece. Sami Zayn put on a resilient performance, but Roman Reigns, Jimmy Uso, and Paul Heyman were too much for him.

However, as The Bloodline looked to finish Zayn once and for all after the match, Kevin Owens returned and wiped everyone in his path. KO delivered Stunners on Reigns, Uso, and Heyman. It seemed as if Zayn and Owens were going to reunite, but the returning superstar left the ring after Zayn Helluva kicked The Tribal Chief.

Considering the odds were stacked against the hometown hero, why didn’t Owens interfere during the match when The Bloodline was running its master plan? Furthermore, where does KO’s friendship with Zayn stand following the latter’s association with The Bloodline in the past?

It is possible that the former Universal Champion is still upset with his friend and thus didn’t help him win the world championship at WWE Elimination Chamber 2023.

What did you make of Elimination Chamber 2023? Let us know in the comments section below.

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