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46-year-old WWE Superstar hints at what’s next after his match with Brock Lesnar; calls him a “freakin’ coward”

ByRD Media

Feb 20, 2023

Multi-time world champion Brock Lesnar acted in a way no one had seen coming at WWE Elimination Chamber. The star was always seen as a dominant behemoth who could defeat anyone, but for some reason, when put in the Hurt Lock by Lashley during their match, he panicked and hit him with a low blow. Now, Lashley has hinted about what’s next for himself.

The Beast Incarnate and Lashley faced each other in a rubber match at Elimination Chamber, having had one win over each other in previous encounters. This time it was supposed to be the final time they faced each other with a winner finally determined, but it didn’t work out that way. After a short and intensely physical matchup, Lesnar was caught in the Hurt Lock.

Seeing no way out, he hit Lashley with a low blow with the heel of his foot to get out. As a result, Lashley was determined to be the winner by DQ, but an enraged Beast Incarnate then attacked the referee and Lashley. He hit them both with multiple F5s and put the All Mighty through the announcers’ desk.

Lashley, who was hoping to put an end to the feud at Elimination Chamber, was naturally frustrated with how things had played out. He sent out a tweet after calling Lesnar a “freakin’ coward.”

“Freakin coward. Take this L like a man,” The All Mighty wrote.

In a later tweet, Lashley seemingly indicated that he is done with Brock Lesnar after the match. He posted a picture of himself, and instead of reflecting on what happened at the Elimination Chamber event, he instead said, “forward.”

This would seemingly mean he wants to move on and no longer focus on The Beast Incarnate.

Even with Bray Wyatt looming, Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar may not be done

In a report from Fightful Select, it was noted that Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar are not done with each other. WWE reportedly has plans for the two of them to face each other, even though the match is not locked for WrestleMania 39 and could take place before the actual event.

But that’s not the only thing waiting for the two superstars.

Bray Wyatt also called out the winner of the match between Lashley and Lesnar in a promo on SmackDown. The All Mighty had addressed this, saying that after he dealt with Lesnar, he would also deal with The Eater of Worlds.

Now, being the official winner of the bout due to disqualification, Lashley might be better off keeping an eye out for Wyatt and whatever the star may have planned for him.


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