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What prevented Jinder Mahal from having multiple reigns as WWE Champion? Insights into wrestling career explored

ByRD Media

Feb 22, 2023

Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal has been with the company for over a decade. The 36-year-old has been on the end of some harsh losses, with his career filled with ups and downs.

Debuting on the main roster in 2011, Mahal got into a confrontation with The Great Khali, who put him over as a massive heel. However, the storyline seemingly failed to impress fans and critics alike. He became a part of 3MB alongside Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre. The trio faced several losses during their time on the main roster.

After returning to the company following his release two years prior, Jinder Mahal rose to the top of the roster at Backlash 2017 by winning the WWE Championship. An impressive physical transformation and support of over a billion Indians moved WWE to do something big with The Maharaja. However, the build-up to his first WWE Championship failed to get fans on board, thereby hindering his future prospects. Despite his success, Mahal did not reach the levels of Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins.

That said, the veteran was pushed to the top of the roster and made a name for himself alongside The Singh Brothers. It is believed that then-CEO Vince McMahon pushed Jinder Mahal to capitalize on the Indian viewership.

Despite WWE’s efforts, The Modern Day Maharaja failed to get the crowd by his side, mainly due to a lack of enticing storylines. Jinder Mahal reigned for 170 days before dropping the title to AJ Styles.

While many believe that Mahal’s reign as the world champion and his push to the top could have been handled better, he, unfortunately, did not get another world title shot.


Hall of Famer Road Dogg heaped praise on Jinder Mahal’s WWE Championship run

Hall of Famer Road Dogg was the main writer during Jinder Mahal’s reign as the WWE Champion on SmackDown. During an episode of the Oh…You Didn’t Know podcast, he loved the package of Mahal and The Singh Brothers.

“I was the lead writer of the show. I love Jinder. I love the fact that we got the Bollywood Boys, The Singh Brothers in there with him. Like I love the package,” said ‘Road Dogg’ Brian James.

The Modern Day Maharaja is also a former United States Champion and a two-time 24/7 Champion. He recently lost a NXT Championship Match against champion Bron Breakker. He is currently a staple of the NXT brand, where he is the leader of the faction Indus Sher alongside Veer Mahaan and Sanga.

It remains to be seen what is next for The Modern Day Maharaja.


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