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WWE legend reveals nobody thanked him at RAW XXX except Kurt Angle (Exclusive)

ByRD Media

Feb 23, 2023

Teddy Long recently revealed how Kurt Angle was the only one to come up to him at WWE RAW XXX and thank him for his contributions to his career.

The Olympic gold medalist came out with DX at RAW XXX as one of their members, leading to some hilarious moments. Imperium soon interfered and took shots at the legendary faction, after which Seth Rollins and The Street Profits came out to challenge the Gunther-led stable.

This resulted in Teddy Long coming out to officially announce the six-man match, which the Visionary and the Street Profits won.

Speaking on the latest episode of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s The Wrestling Time Machine podcast hosted by Mac Davis, Teddy Long recalled meeting Kurt Angle at RAW XXX.

Long disclosed that the WWE Hall of Famer was the only one to come up to him during the event and share his gratitude for everything.

“Had the chance to meet him at RAW XXX and he was part of the segment I was in, and he was old school. Nobody came up and said a word but Kurt, he was old school. When we came back, we always thank each other. ‘Hey man, thank you for the time.’ Nobody said that to me but Kurt Angle. That’s what we have no more,” said Teddy Long. (25:59 – 26:22)

Check out the full episode below:


WWE legend Kurt Angle will undergo a major surgery

It’s no secret that Kurt Angle gave it his all to the business for close to two decades, performing at the top level for both WWE and IMPACT Wrestling.

This has naturally led to him sustaining various injuries over the years, which has weakened his body. On a recent episode of his podcast, The Kurt Angle Show, he revealed how he was set to undergo surgery next week for his lower back issues.

“They’re not going to do any fusion or anything like that, thank God,” Angle said. “They’re going to clean it out. They’re going to clean all the arthritis out because I have a nerve going down my leg and it’s bothering me. There’s pain in my lower back. So, they’re going to clean all that stuff out, take the bone chips out, the calcium and stuff like that. He said I should be good to go after that. He said it might not relieve all the lower back pain, but you’re not going to feel the pain running down your leg.”

Kurt Angle last competed inside the ring at WWE WrestleMania 35, where Baron Corbin defeated him.


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