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[WATCH] Seth Rollins gives top superstar an embarrassing introduction at WWE live event

ByRD Media

Feb 27, 2023

Seth Rollins took a hilarious shot at fellow WWE Superstar Austin Theory at tonight’s WWE live event in Rockford.

Austin Theory managed to retain his United States title inside the Elimination Chamber at the namesake event last week. The Visionary was also a participant in the bout and failed to win the coveted belt.

Seth Rollins and Theory recently competed in a US title match at the Rockford WWE live event. The young gun retained the belt tonight as well, with a win over Rollins.

Before the match, Seth Rollins took an amusing shot at the 25-year-old star by announcing him as the fans cheered in unison.

Here’s what he said:

“And his opponent, hailing from ‘You S*ck’ USA, Weighing in at two hundred and ‘You S*ck’ pounds, he’s… for now… the United States Champion, Austin ‘You S*ck’ Theory!”

Seth Rollins recently took another jibe at Austin Theory ahead of Elimination Chamber 2023

Shortly after Elimination Chamber 2023, WWE shared a BTS video from the PLE. The clip featured comments from participants of the Men’s Elimination Chamber match, including Rollins.

The Visionary didn’t mince his words while talking about Austin Theory before the highly-anticipated match. Here’s what he said:

“Oh my god, nothing brings me more joy in life than ruining Austin Theory’s day and then being the rain cloud over his head. Nothing makes me happier.”

Unfortunately, Rollins couldn’t win the US title that night, despite giving everything he had inside the Elimination Chamber.

The final moments of the bout saw Logan Paul entering the Elimination Chamber and attacking an unsuspecting Rollins. This was enough for Austin Theory to hit the A-Town Down and pin Rollins to retain his US title.

Seth Rollins will seemingly take on Logan Paul at WrestleMania 39. The Maverick has proved time and again that he is capable of having a great match. Pitting him with one of the greatest wrestlers of all time is bound to result in a memorable match that could possibly steal the show at ‘Mania.

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