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Drew McIntyre fires shots at undefeated boxing megastar

ByRD Media

Feb 27, 2023

Drew McIntyre is one of the most popular stars on the current WWE roster. He never shies away from a fight and is seemingly itching for another one as fired shots at undefeated boxing megastar Jake Paul.

Jake Paul, brother of WWE superstar and internet celebrity Logan Paul, is 6-0 so far in his boxing career. He has beaten the likes of AnEsonGib, NBA star Nate Robinson and MMA veterans like Ben Askren, Tyron Woodley, and Anderson Silva. He also made an appearance for WWE when he showed up at the Crown Jewel event during Logan Paul’s match against Roman Reigns.

Drew McIntyre joined Sheamus on a recent episode of Celtic Warrior Workouts on YouTube. The tag team duo trained with three-time World Kickboxing Champion Bernard “Swiftkick” Robinson. In a tweet, the Scottish Warrior fired shots at Jake Paul.

Jake Paul will take on Tommy Fury, Tyson Fury’s brother, on Sunday, February 26 in Diriyah, Saudi Arabia.

Dutch Mantell praised Drew McIntyre’s recent match on WWE SmackDown

Drew McIntyre and Sheamus have been involved in a feud with the Viking Raiders in recent weeks. On the February 17, 2023 episode of SmackDown, the duo took on Erik and Ivar in a hard-hitting clash that was widely praised by fans and critics.

Dutch Mantell, on Sportskeeda’s Smack Talk, was among those who liked the match. The former WWE manager praised the Viking Raiders separately for their athleticism and suggested that their presentation could be dialed down a bit.

“I do like those guys. They’re believable, they’re big. For guys that size, they move extremely well. I think the presentation is too jazzed up for them. I mean, you can cut that down and get the same result. It doesn’t detract anything, in my book, from them. The match was good. What made it good was when they went into the ring, you didn’t know who was gonna win. And this is really a toss-up.” [From 33:07 – 33:47]

The week before their match against the Viking Raiders, the former WWE Champions took on Hit Row. With WrestleMania 39 fast approaching, it will be interesting to see where the tag team is headed. They lost to the Usos in January in a Tag Team Title clash, so that could be a possible direction Triple H opts for.

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