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WWE RAW Results: WWE legend returns to cause unexpected title change; John Cena’s return date announced – Winners, Recap, Grades, and Highlights

ByRD Media

Feb 28, 2023

Becky Lynch and Lita were seen together backstage before RAW kicked off with Jimmy Uso and Solo Sikoa coming out to the ring. Jimmy said that the Bloodline were in attendance and that it may look like the group was having problems, but families fight all the time.

Jimmy said that they were there to remind everyone who runs RAW, and The Street Profits came out to tell them to take a hike. The two teams ended up in a match shortly after.

RAW Results (February 27, 2023): Street Profits vs. The Bloodline

Dawkins and Jimmy kicked off the match, and Sikoa was tagged in early on. Ford came in and got a dropkick before he was isolated in the corner. Jimmy came back and took down Dawkins before Sikoa beat him down in the corner.

Ford came in with a standing moonsault on Uso but missed before dodging a big diving crossbody. Dawkins got the tag, and Ford went up top, but Sikoa dropped Montez and hit a superkick on Dawkins before getting the Samoan Strike for the win.

Result: The Bloodline def. Street Profits

The Bloodline were beating the Profits down after the match, and Kevin Owens came out to make the save.

Grade: B

Brock Lesnar was out next as the guest of MVP’s VIP Lounge, while the host himself was too afraid to step in the ring with Brock. Brock said that he wasn’t looking to hurt MVP and so he stepped into the ring before hyping up a possible match between the Beast and Omos.

MVP said that Brock could never F5 Omos, and Lesnar accepted the challenge. MVP brought out champagne to celebrate, but Brock instead had his own moonshine. He took a swig and offered it to MVP, insisting that he do the same, and he did but then spit it out in Lesnar’s face.

MVP tried to apologize, but Lesnar got up and hit him with an F5.

Becky Lynch and Lita were backstage, and the latter said that winning the women’s tag titles was on her bucket list. Lynch said that she had always wanted to be a tag team champion but didn’t play well with others, but she had always respected Lita.

As the show went on, we learned that John Cena will return next week on RAW.


Chad Gable vs. Cody Rhodes on RAW

Cody took Gable into the corner early on before taking a right hook and a sunset flip for a near fall. Gable got the ankle lock before Cody took him up top for an inverted Superplex.

Chad recovered and hit a German Suplex before taking a big DDT. Gable got the moonsault before Rhodes sent him out for a big dive. Otis interfered and was sent over the barricades before getting the win in the ring with a Cody Cutter and Cross Rhodes.

Result: Cody Rhodes def. Chad Gable

After the match, Rhodes called out Roman Reigns and said that he will be there on SmackDown this Friday since he knew Reigns would be there as well.

Grade: B

Kevin Owens was backstage and said that the Bloodline were suffering the consequences of their own actions. KO won’t stop until the Bloodline falls, and he doesn’t need or want any help with that.

The Judgment Day were backstage, and Dominik sent a message to his dad, saying that Rey was now in his ‘prison’. Rhea said that she would become the new SmackDown Women’s Champ at WrestleMania, while Balor called Edge out to tell him he wanted a match at ‘Mania.


Asuka vs. Carmella on RAW

Carmella took control of the match early on and hit a big move in the corner before getting a near fall. Asuka came back with a knee strike but missed the hip attack before taking a superkick at ringside.

Asuka got some big strikes, a German Suplex, and a superkick. Carmella got another near-fall off a kick after Asuka missed a top rope dive. Asuka got the armbar locked in and picked up the win.

Result: Asuka def. Carmella

Asuka called Bianca Belair out after the match, and the latter walked out. Carmella came back and attacked Bianca from behind while she was talking to Asuka and fled the ring.

Grade: B

Piper Niven vs. Candice LeRae on RAW

Piper Niven took control of the match early on and got a big senton before locking in a submission hold.

LeRae was sent outside, and Nikki Cross tried to interfere but was sent into the barricades.

Back in the ring, Candice used the distraction from Nikki and caught Niven with a rollup before picking up the win.

Result: Candice LeRae def. Piper Niven

Grade: C

Judgment Day ran into Johnny Gargano, and Balor challenged him to a match next week on RAW.

The Miz was out next and announced that he would be hosting WrestleMania and that his wife secured him the opportunity. Seth Rollins came out and said that he was there to congratulate the Miz.

Miz asked why Rollins had been attacking him in recent weeks, and Seth said that it was because the former was being a jerk. Rollins said that he had been trying to reach Logan Paul and wanted Miz’s help to reach him.

Miz told Rollins no and kept talking before Seth hit him with a superkick and took his phone. Miz was knocked out, and Rollins used his face to unlock the phone before calling Logan Paul.

Rollins challenged Logan to a match next week on RAW, and he accepted. Seth was on his way out but came back to hit a stomp on the Miz before walking out.

Austin Theory was backstage and said that he was looking forward to John Cena’s return next week.

Bobby Lashley vs. Elias on RAW

Lashley got a big slam right away and sent Elias outside before the latter dropped Bobby on the barricades and hit a knee. Boogs took notes backstage while Lashley got the Flatliner, a spear, and the Hurt Lock for the easy win.

Result: Bobby Lashley def. Elias

Lashley got on the mic after the match and said that he wasn’t interested in playing games with Wyatt and would crush him if he gets in his way.

Lashley was on his way out when a video came on the Titantron, and Wyatt was dancing around to a song he made up.

Grade: C

Otis vs. Johnny Gargano on RAW

Otis caught Gargano off a dive to the outside before Mace and Mansoor tried to interfere by taking Johnny out at ringside.

Dexter Lumis came up from the crowd and helped Gargano escape. Back in the ring, Gargano hit a DDT and picked up the win.

Result: Johnny Gargano def. Otis

Grade: C

IYO SKY & Dakota Kai (c) vs. Becky Lynch & Lita – Women’s Tag Team Title match on RAW

IYO and Becky started off the match, and Lita and Dakota were tagged in early on. SKY came back in and took a double-team move from the challengers before Lita and Becky hit the champs with a dive in the corner.

Kai took the Diamond Dust before being caught in the Disarmher, but IYO broke it up before sending Becky outside and hitting a big dive. Bayley took out Lita to assist her team, and the champs got a near fall on Lynch in the ring off a double team.

Trish Stratus came out and attacked Bayley at ringside before helping Lita back up on the apron. Tags were made, and Lita got the Twist of Fate before Bayley tried to interfere again. Trish and Becky made sure Bayley and Kai were down while Lita got the moonsault on SKY for the win!

Result: Becky Lynch & Lita def. IYO SKY & Dakota Kai to become new Women’s Tag Team Champions

Grade: B

Episode rating: B-

We got some big WrestleMania match challenges laid out tonight on RAW while Lita and Becky Lynch teamed up for the main event.

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