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“Eddie always looked exhausted to me” – Hall of Famer opens about the former WWE Champion (Exclusive)

ByRD Media

Mar 9, 2023

Senior journalist Bill Apter recently opened up about the late, great Eddie Guerrero, saying the WWE legend always came across as exhausted to him.

Guerrero is one of wrestling’s most influential performers, whose career was tragically cut short in 2005 when he passed away due to heart failure. He was one of WWE’s most beloved performers during the early 2000s, who not only shined as an in-ring worker but was also great at promos and character work.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s The Wrestling Time Machine podcast hosted by Mac Davis, Bill Apter recalled Eddie Gurerro looking exhausted whenever he interviewed him. The wrestling veteran noted that the former WWE Champion was overworked and that his mind was always occupied with wrestling.

He also pointed out how being on the road for several days of the year had taken a toll on Guerrero’s body. Apter recalled that Eddie Guerrero always welcomed him with a smile and that they spoke about their families.

“Eddie always looked exhausted to me because he overworked. His brain was always going about the business. Physically, he was in the gym all the time. He was wrestling all time and I think the road really got to Eddie Guerrero. He always had a great smile for me. We always talked about our families and everything but I think a lot of the travel, road trips, exhausted him,” said Bill Apter (18:53 – 19:23)

Check out the full episode below:

Bill Apter on today’s wrestlers trying to emulate WWE legend, Eddie Guerrero

Furthermore, Bill Apter discussed Eddie Guerrero’s legacy, saying he continues to have a massive fanbase and is an influence on many young wrestlers. He mentioned how talents try to imitate Guerrero’s in-ring work to this date, which is a testament to his appeal as a star who transcended all boundaries.

“Keep in mind, when Teddy talks about Eddie being the greatest in that group (The Radicalz). Even today, going down to so many wrestlers today, follow his ring work and imitate his ring work. So, I mean, that’s a great legacy,” added Bill Apter (20:08 – 20:30)

Eddie Guerrero was posthumously inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006 just months after his passing for his contributions to the wrestling business.

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