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What happened to Kofi Kingston? Reason for replacement on SmackDown disclosed

ByRD Media

Mar 10, 2023

According to latest news, Kofi Kingston won’t be able to participate in the next episode of WWE SmackDown. He was scheduled for a Fatal Five-Way Intercontinental Championship Qualifying Match on Friday’s flagship show.

A tag team specialist, Kofi hasn’t been involved in a competition for a singles championship for a while. He has now missed the opportunity to face Intercontinental Champion Gunther at WrestleMania 39. Kingston has been replaced by his New Day teammate, Xavier Woods, as per WWE’s advertisement on Twitter.

Why is Kofi Kingston not appearing on WWE SmackDown? According to reports, the 13-time tag team champion suffered an injury that could keep him out of action for at least two months. Kofi seemingly confirmed the statements by posting a video on social media. He was seen with bandages on his leg.

Kofi Kingston was apparently injured during last week’s segment. He brawled with the other competitors for the number one contender’s match on WWE SmackDown: Drew McIntyre, Sheamus, Karrion Kross, and LA Knight. Xavier Woods was also present on the scene.

Now that he is reportedly shelved for two months, Kofi Kingston’s participation at WrestleMania 39 looks bleak. He could pop up before SummerSlam rolls out, though.

Besides being a WWE Tag Team Champion, Kofi Kingston is infamous for his Royal Rumble antics

Any WWE fan will remember the escapes that Kofi has pulled out at the Rumble. From using the announcer’s chair to doing handstands so that his feet don’t touch the floor, Kingston set the tone for clever ways to use the dreaded Royal Rumble rules in his favor.

During the season 2 premiere of the Under the Ring podcast, Kofi Kingston revealed that former WWE star John Morrison inspired him to stick with his creative escapes in the Men’s Rumble. He has tasted success and defeat in his endeavors but has never been discouraged.

“I always give credit to John Morrison, because he was the one who kind of started this whole phenomenon, or brought it back,” Kingston said. “John Morrison was the guy who got knocked off the apron and Spider-Manned off the barricade, and ran his way back around and jumped back into the ring. And then the next year, when the Rumble came around, he wasn’t with the company anymore, so I was like, ‘Oh, I’ll do something like that!'” (H/T WrestlingJunkie)

Kingston fighting Gunther at ‘Mania would have been a classic high flyer vs. powerhouse bout. Nonetheless, Xavier Woods has been handed the mission. It remains to be seen if the Power of Positivity prevails on SmackDown next week.

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