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WWE SmackDown Preview: What will happen in The Bloodline storyline? Sami Zayn drops a spoiler

ByRD Media

Mar 10, 2023

The Bloodline is in the process of rebuilding itself on WWE SmackDown, but Sami Zayn is having none of it. He has sworn to destroy the mountain of tyranny all by himself, despite being left in the cold by Kevin Owens and now, Jey Uso.

This week on RAW, Zayn handed Jimmy Uso a humiliating defeat. The Master Strategist has been slowly chipping away at the cracks of The Bloodline. With each member’s loyalty in question, fans thought that Sami successfully turned Jey Uso against his family, only to be subjected to a brutal beatdown from The Ones.

In this WWE SmackDown Preview, we will foresee the next chapter of The Bloodline story. Since gaining confidence in his battle against Roman Reigns, Zayn believes that he can take down The Bloodline. The Former Honorary Uce took to Twitter and announced that “Revenge is coming.”

Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens are rumored to take the titles off The Usos at WrestleMania 39. However, their reunion might still be weeks away. Expect Sami to try to ambush The Usos on the next WWE SmackDown. He may either be overpowered, facilitating a change of heart in Owens, or succeed in laying down the Tag Team Champs.


WWE SmackDown Preview: Sami Zayn claims The Bloodline’s story is in the dreaded “third act”

Sami Zayn’s story with Roman Reigns and The Usos will be looked upon fondly even after its culmination. Sami and Jey carried WWE’s highest-profile angle for several months before Reigns joined the party and showed the wrestling world how menacing he could be if needed.

Each member, including Paul Heyman, played their characters to perfection each week. Sami Zayn was arguably the best of the lot. On a rare occasion after his Elimination Chamber loss, the former Honorary Uce broke character to address the future of his storyline with The Bloodline.

“Tonight is like that last little lull in the movie before that third act where things seem about as bad as they can get. The sort of protagonist in the story has been on this journey and it kinda falls flat. But that’s not the end of the story, right? There’s more to it. And just we gotta wait and see how that plays. Maybe it pays off in a year. Maybe it pays off in two years. This is a never-ending story.”

What consequences does Zayn have in store for Roman Reigns and his reunited The Ones? Tune in to WWE SmackDown to find out

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