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Rey Mysterios’ former rival congratulates him on his WWE Hall of Fame induction

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Mar 11, 2023

Rey Mysterio secured his place in history when WWE announced that the Master of the 619 will be entering the 2023 Hall of Fame in California. Recently, Mysterio’s long-time rival and former world champion JBL praised him through his social media accounts.

The past year has been quite difficult for Rey Mysterio as his son Dominik Mysterio turned on him and joined The Judgment Day to wreak havoc upon his own father on the red brand. Later, the Master of 619 switched brands but Dominik followed him.

Last night, WWE announced that Rey Mysterio will be the first person to enter the 2023 Hall of Fame. However, Dominik Mysterio immediately interrupted his father and cut a promo on him.

After SmackDown, former WWE Champion John Bradshaw Layfield (aka JBL) congratulated the 48-year-old legend. He also provided a hilarious take on their final match that took place nearly 14 years ago. Check it out:

“Congrats to Rey-imo the greatest masked wrestler of all time, well deserved honor. However, I have to finally tell the truth about my loss to Rey at Wrestlemania. Not trying to make excuses but I had a very high fever that day (98.7) and the sniffles. Should be an asterisk”

Rey Mysterio made JBL quit WWE after WrestleMania 25

Mysterio and Layfield (JBL) have faced each other in the past after the Master of the 619 won his first World Heavyweight Championship in 2006. However, the two had a short feud before they went to different brands.

In 2009, JBL won the Intercontinental Championship from CM Punk after he ended his long feud with Shawn Michaels on the red brand. However, the title reign lasted less than a month.

Meanwhile, Rey Mysterio was ready for a massive match at WrestleMania 25 against JBL for the Intercontinental Championship. The match shocked fans around the world as Mysterio won in less than 30 seconds.

After the match, JBL cut a promo on the crowd and announced that he was leaving WWE. In 2011, he made his return to the company as a color commentator for a while before diving into various different roles.

What are your thoughts on Rey Mysterio getting inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame? Sound off in the comment section below.

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