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Is current WWE star done with Mandy Rose for good? Exploring the nature of their previous relationship

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Mar 16, 2023

Mandy Rose had a memorable run with former tag team champion Otis during her time in WWE. Her on-screen relationship became a highlight of SmackDown during the Thunderdome Era. Despite grabbing the attention of fans, the duo of Rose and Otis split during the 2020 brand draft and never reunited on screen.

Otis began his on-screen relationship with Mandy Rose in the Christmas season of 2019. Their romance developed on TV in brief moments, from Otis saving Mandy from being eliminated in the 2020 Royal Rumble to Rose seducing the star in multiple vignettes. Ultimately, Otis developed a reputation for being a handsome hunk.

Following his split with Mandy due to the draft, Otis never got into a storyline relationship. The former Heavy Machinery member joined Chad Gable after being betrayed by Tucker.

The duo won the RAW Tag Team Titles once in their three-year-long partnership. Now, however, it seems Otis has gotten over his past relationship and is ready for yet another romance.

Since being brought over to RAW, Maxxine Dupri has been in pursuit of Otis to include him in the Maximum Male Models. She has been seen conversing with the star multiple times on the red brand, probably to persuade him to leave Chad Gable. Otis eventually got seduced into a photo shoot and was seen leaving with MMM on the March 13 episode of RAW.

Maxxine’s latest Twitter activity hints at an obsession with ‘Otese.’ She is bent on giving the former tag team champion the superstardom he deserves. The manager of MMM clearly stated her goals during an interview with WWE’s The Bump.

“I just think that with the aura that I am exuding, Otìsè knows that he’s in the best of hands when he’s with me. He understands that I can bring him the true stardom that Otìsè deserves,” said Maxxine.

Otis’ relationship with real-life best friend Mandy Rose skyrocketed his career. He became a beloved figure in the eyes of the WWE Universe.

It remains to be seen how his story with Maxxine Durpi and Maximum Male Models goes.


Why did Mandy Rose and Otis split in WWE?

In 2020, Mandy and Otis’ saga evolved into a love triangle introduced by Rose’s former tag team partner, Sonya Deville. This eventually led to the split of the Fire and Desire team.

Sonya Deville and Dolph Ziggler were on one side, while Mandy Rose and Otis were on the other. Their mixed tag team rivalry developed on the blue brand until Sonya made it personal by cutting Mandy’s hair.

The storyline culminated in a ‘Loser Leaves WWE’ match at SummerSlam, which Mandy won, after which she was traded to RAW.

Speculation ran rampant as to why the team was split. Former Heavy Machinery member Tucker believed that the storyline had potential, but WWE wasn’t ready for both of them to be heels.

“I would speculate that they didn’t want either of them to be heels at the time, and that’s why they sort of just had them go their separate ways without the sort of there being a breakup and one person having to look like a bad guy.”

Mandy Rose reigned for over 400 days as NXT Women’s Champion before being released by WWE last year. She has since taken to modeling but hasn’t ruled out wrestling from her life.

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