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Triple H is reportedly working on fixing Vince McMahon’s final WWE “mess” by SummerSlam 2023

ByRD Media

Mar 17, 2023

Triple H took over WWE after the company found itself in a difficult situation after several allegations were made against Vince McMahon which forced him to leave the company. According to a recent report, Hunter is trying to fix the final “mess” made by the previous regime by bringing back two world titles.

Last year, Triple H made several changes to the product after he became Chief Content Officer and Vince McMahon left the company. The company received positive feedback from fans and critics alike who praised the efforts and ideas of the new regime.

One of the biggest criticisms of Vince McMahon’s regime was the decision to unify world titles at a time when the roster was filled with talented superstars. According to a recent report from WrestleVotes Via GiveMeSport, Hunter is working on bringing back two world titles before WWE SummerSlam 2023:

This is the final mess, and you really can call it a mess. This is the final obstacle and the new team is working to overcome that. There was never a plan when Roman Reigns won the titles a year ago. Triple H was handed this mess, By SummerSlam, there’s gonna be two titles.” [H/T – GiveMeSport]

It will be interesting to see if The Game brings back an old title or introduce a new title similar to the WWE Universal Championship that was introduced in 2016.

Charlotte Flair reveals what is like to work under Vince McMahon and Triple H’s regime at WWE

Charlotte Flair has been the standard bearer and the face of the women’s division for nearly a decade in the company. After rising through the developmental brand, she immediately went to the main roster and started winning titles.

The Queen has worked under the old and new regimes where she has earned an equal or more amount of success. Speaking to the Daytona Beach News-Journal, she revealed what it is like to work under both regimes in WWE:

I haven’t really noticed a difference because I feel, as a performer, that my job is just to make my boss happy. Whoever is in the seat is your boss. Maybe if I was new, I would feel a difference, but I’m on more of the seasoned vet side. I don’t feel like there is as much maneuvering or trying to build a new character.” [H/T: News-Journal]

The Queen has headlined WrestleMania under Vince McMahon’s regime and it looks like she will do the same under Triple H’s regime when she defends her title against Rhea Ripley.

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