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Triple H wanted to make a major change to Roman Reigns’ Undisputed WWE Universal Championship reign – Reports

ByRD Media

Mar 19, 2023

Roman Reigns has been the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion for the entirety of Triple H’s reign as head of creative. However, The Game may not have been a fan of one aspect of the title scenario and reportedly wanted to change the same.

The Tribal Chief has been the Universal Champion for over 900 days, in addition to being the WWE Champion for nearly a year. His run with the Universal Championship is one of the most dominant title reigns of the modern era, establishing him as a megastar.

However, according to Fight Fans, Triple H is not a fan of the Universal Championship. Per the outlet, he seemingly considered scrapping the prestigious title after taking charge of the company’s creative team.

HHH suggested retiring the [Universal] Championship at one time; he really doesn’t like the title,” a source told Fight Fans. [H/T- Cultaholic]

The retired “Big Gold” World Heavyweight Championship was also mentioned as a potential successor. However, the suggestion was reportedly rejected due to the generally uniform design of all other world titles in WWE.


Triple H could reportedly separate the world titles by WWE SummerSlam 2023

Roman Reigns has been the Undisputed WWE Universal Champion for nearly a year, leaving the RAW brand without a world champion. The Tribal Chief’s limited schedule has also resulted in many marquee shows being booked without a top championship match.

However, things could change leading up to SummerSlam this year. WrestleVotes recently reported that Triple H is looking forward to fixing Vince McMahon’s “mess” and could soon separate the titles.

This is the final mess, and you really can call it a mess. This is the final obstacle and the new team is working to overcome that. There was never a plan when Roman Reigns won the titles a year ago. Triple H was handed this mess, By SummerSlam, there’s gonna be two titles.” [H/T – GiveMeSport]

Roman Reigns will defend the title at WrestleMania 39 against Cody Rhodes. The American Nightmare has also hinted at some changes in championship design, provided he wins the high-profile match. Rhodes even teased bringing back the “winged eagle” design.

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