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Drew McIntyre’s words prove true after current champions retain their titles on a WWE show

ByRD Media

Mar 21, 2023

Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre’s words came to reality after Gallus defeated Pretty Deadly to retain their NXT Tag Team titles.

A few weeks ago, The Scottish Warrior took to social media to warn former Tag Team Champions Pretty Deadly when they attacked Mark Coffey and Wolfgang.

Drew McIntyre called out Elton Prince and Kit Wilson and stated that he has known Wolfgang for over two decades and Mark Coffey for almost 10 years. He added that Pretty Deadly had a receipt headed their way.

On tonight’s NXT, Elton Prince neutralized Mark Coffey, but Coffey made the tag after sending Prince over his back. The Champions tandem-slammed Elton, but Kit broke up the pin.

Wolfgang got tossed over the announcers’ table and the challengers grabbed the NXT tag titles to distract the referee. Wilson blasted Mark with the title and tried to get the pin, but the latter got his shoulder up.

Wolfgang pulled the top rope down and Elton fell out of the ring. Gallus recovered to hit their finisher on Wilson for the win. Since Drew McIntyre’s words proved right, it remains to be seen who will come forward to challenge the Gallus boys.

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