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Roman Reigns could finally be dethroned as Bloodline leader by a family member

ByRD Media

Mar 22, 2023

Roman Reigns’ legendary run as The Bloodline leader has to end somewhere down the line. When it does, there’s a big possibility that one of his brethren will dethrone him.

The Tribal Chief has been unstoppable on WWE TV for about three years. He has been leading The Bloodline for quite some time now, and the faction has put down a long list of WWE Superstars over the years.

On last night’s WWE RAW, Cody Rhodes took a massive shot at Reigns and stated that The Usos and Solo Sikoa would leave him one day. Judging by Reigns’ facial expressions, he wasn’t happy with the prediction. The final moments of this epic segment saw Solo wanting to attack Rhodes. This didn’t happen as Reigns stopped him from hitting him.

Solo has done well as a member of The Bloodline over the past several months. At 30 years old, he has a long road ahead of him on the main roster. It wouldn’t be a surprise if WWE straps a rocket on Solo’s back somewhere down the line and gives him a mega push on the main roster.

Solo could be the one to dethrone Roman Reigns as The Bloodline leader

Reigns has been the promotion’s biggest heel for three years now. He has done some of the best work of his career as a bad guy in the recent past. That doesn’t discount the possibility that WWE might turn Reigns babyface again somewhere down the line.

If/when WWE decides to turn Roman Reigns babyface, that would require him to leave The Bloodline and become a lone wolf again. What if WWE picks Solo as the one to step up to Reigns and challenge him to a contest to determine the leader of The Bloodline?

A win for Solo Sikoa over someone of the stature of Roman Reigns would be a star-making moment. The Tribal Chief can then turn babyface and kick off a singles run while Solo reaches new heights as the leader of The Bloodline. This would allow WWE to add fresh blood to the villainous faction, including a potential female star.

Do you think Solo possesses enough star power to become The Bloodline’s leader in the distant future? If not Solo, who would be better suited for the role? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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