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Fractures in The Bloodline becoming prominent? Here’s how Roman Reigns dealt with his cousin after WWE RAW went off the air

ByRD Media

Mar 22, 2023

The Bloodline stands united again, but hints of an implosion are still lurking in the shadows, now that Roman Reigns is dealing with the Cody Rhodes problem.

Closing in on the 1000-day mark as the Undisputed Champion, The Tribal Chief is outwardly unfazed by his competition, but his frequent outbursts at his allies prove otherwise. Jimmy Uso got an earful for initially failing to rope his brother back into the faction. Now, it’s Solo Sikoa’s turn to live up to Roman’s expectations.

Dubbed The Enforcer, Sikoa has been eager to prove himself since joining The Bloodline. His loyalty to The Tribal Chief has been unwavering so far, but he may eventually get tired of following orders. Due to the mismanagement, the 30-year-old is alleged to turn against his cousin and facilitate a program for the future.

This week on Monday Night RAW, Solo Sikoa and Paul Heyman accompanied Roman Reigns to the ring. Cody Rhodes joined them and got into a heated debate with his WrestleMania opponent. The American Nightmare got the better of the discussion, resulting in a retreat from Reigns, but Solo stayed. He got goaded into fighting Rhodes and got kicked away.

The American Nightmare sowed the seeds for a rift between Reigns and Sikoa. He told Solo that he wasn’t ready, which was probably agreed upon by Roman because he stopped The Enforcer from retaliating. The Tribal Chief also scolded the youngster after RAW went off the air, who could be seen avoiding eye contact during the entire exchange. Check out the viral clip on Twitter below:-

“He’ll be a Roman with no more Reigns. A Chief without a Tribe” – Cody Rhodes’ prediction seems to be a legitimate concern for The Bloodline. If Roman Reigns loses the gold, there could come a time when his allies refuse to acknowledge him. It will be interesting to see that play out.

Could Solo Sikoa betray Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39 to begin The Bloodline’s implosion?

In his very first appearance, Solo Sikoa made a statement on the main roster. He cost Drew McIntyre his match against Roman Reigns at Clash at the Castle to establish himself as a nefarious villain going forward. The Enforcer’s dominance hasn’t been acknowledged by The Tribal Chief even though he has given minimal reasons to complain.

The Bloodline is expected to pop up and support Reigns in his fight against Cody Rhodes. The Head of the Table could be betrayed by one of his cousins, but Solo may not be the one to do so. Jey Uso is the likely party to turn on The Tribal Chief, especially if he and Jimmy lose the Undisputed Tag Team Championship.

In another case, WWE could focus on how Solo Sikoa messes up his interference at WrestleMania 39, which leads to him being banished by Roman Reigns. The creative could then pick up on The Enforcer’s disappointment, planting seeds of a future rift.

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