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WWE Star explains why Logan Paul was able to take Roman Reigns to the limit at Crown Jewel

ByRD Media

Mar 24, 2023

Logan Paul has shocked many ever since he arrived in WWE. Rapidly climbing the ranks in the company, the internet celebrity took Roman Reigns to the limit at Crown Jewel last year, which was an impressive feat.

Current WWE star MVP stated that the reason behind Paul’s success is a combination of his hard work and his opponents not taking him too seriously.

Logan Paul has shared the squared circle with some extremely talented wrestlers and has, more often than not, come out on top. His encounter with Roman Reigns last year was a pivotal moment in his WWE career as he put on a stellar performance. Since then, he has been awarded more opportunities, and he seems to excel at each and every step of his journey.,

On the latest episode of After the Bell, MVP shared his thoughts on Logan Paul and his success in WWE so far:

“The only reason that Logan Paul was able to do those things is because his opponents didn’t take him seriously. He came in serious, committed, and put the work in and his opponents went ‘well okay this guy whatever’. So they didn’t take him seriously enough and that’s why he was able to take Roman Reigns to any sort of legitimate competition,” said MVP. [28:47 – 29:14]

Logan Paul is set to face Seth Rollins at WrestleMania

Paul returned to WWE earlier this year at the Royal Rumble and eliminated Seth Rollins, igniting a rivalry between the two. Over the next few weeks, the challenge was made and the match was set. Logan Paul will step into the ring with arguably the best bell-to-bell wrestler in WWE at the moment.

MVP shared his thoughts on the potential outcome of the match and how Rollins will be different than the other opponents Paul has had:

Seth Rollins is one of my favourite people to watch. I respect his accomplishments a great deal and his approach to the game, and I know he will not allow himself to be embarassed by anybody with the last name Paul on the WrestleMania stage,” said MVP.

Rollins could prove to be Paul’s toughest challenge to date, as the two look forward to their encounter at the Showcase of the Immortals.

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