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WWE star’s recent departure could be the catalyst to bring down The Bloodline

ByRD Media

Mar 26, 2023

The cracks in The Bloodline have been present on WWE TV for several months since Sami Zayn was able to unveil a number of problems within Roman Reigns’ family.

The Tribal Chief appears to have gotten his family back on the same page heading into WrestleMania, but Jimmy Uso may not be able to overlook what Reigns did in order to bring his brother back.

Jimmy was the one who was held accountable for the fact that his brother had gone rogue and was even about to be punished for it, despite no wrongdoing on his behalf.

It was revealed this week by Naomi herself that she has now left WWE and after seeing his wife walk away from the company, Jimmy could use this as a reason to push forward in this ever-changing business.


Will Naomi’s WWE departure push Jimmy Uso to change his attitude?


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Naomi pushed Jimmy throughout his career, but despite not being there for almost a year, there was a belief that at some point she would eventually return to Stamford. It’s now been made official that the two stars won’t be sharing a locker room anymore, which could have some kind of effect on Jimmy.

Jimmy has shown sparks of confidence in recent weeks and even threw some shade at Roman Reigns last week on RAW before he blamed Sami Zayn for the recent issues in the family.

If Jey and Jimmy join forces, they could easily overthrow The Tribal Chief, but it’s clear that Jimmy won’t do this alone and allow Jey to face the consequences like he almost did.

Jey has also made it clear that he returned for his brother and no one else, which could be the seeds being planted for the next phase of The Bloodline following WrestleMania.

Do you think Naomi’s WWE departure will have an effect on her family? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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