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Paul Heyman could leave Roman Reigns and The Bloodline but only for one WWE Superstar

ByRD Media

Mar 27, 2023

WWE veteran Paul Heyman has shown time and again that he is not one to be trusted.

The Wiseman has done exceptionally well as the Special Counsel to Roman Reigns over the past three years or so. His mic work has been top-notch and there aren’t many who can hype a big-time match better than him. Heyman is incredibly loyal to The Tribal Chief but history has proven that he isn’t a man that should be trusted.

Paul has aligned with his fair share of WWE Superstars in the past. He has also betrayed some of them, most notably Brock Lesnar and CM Punk. The minute Heyman senses that The Bloodline might crack and implode, he will be the first to leave and look for greener pastures.

Which WWE Superstar is impressive and dominant enough for Paul Heyman to possibly rethink his choices and leave Reigns? The first name that pops up is current Intercontinental Champion Gunther.

The Ring General is one of the toughest men to have ever stepped foot inside the squared circle. He came face-to-face with Brock Lesnar himself at the 2023 Royal Rumble event and didn’t flinch one bit.

Heyman is someone who loves to align with anyone who’s on the verge of greatness or is already on top of the food chain. It shouldn’t be a surprise if he ends up leaving Roman Reigns and The Bloodline in the distant future, and aligns with Gunther.

Paul Heyman recently teased turning on Roman Reigns at the first sign of trouble

At Elimination Chamber 2023, Heyman attempted a sneak attack on Kevin Owens but failed miserably. Sensing that Owens was about to beat the tar out of him, Heyman blurted out the following words:

“I’ve always loved you. I’ve always wanted to be with you, not with him (Roman Reigns) Scr*w him, I love you.”

The Prizefighter wasn’t convinced and ended up hitting Heyman with a thunderous Stunner. One wonders how Roman Reigns would have reacted if he had heard Heyman’s treacherous comments.

Do you think Paul Heyman will ever betray The Bloodline? Sound off in the comment section below.

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