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Cody Rhodes breaks silence on Roman Reigns accusing him of ‘running away’ on WWE RAW

ByRD Media

Mar 27, 2023

WWE star Cody Rhodes recently commented on his run-in with Roman Reigns on last week’s episode of Monday Night RAW.

Reigns and Cody came face-to-face last Monday on the red brand. The Undisputed WWE Universal Champion accused his challenger of jumping ship the moment things got too difficult for him. He took a jibe at The American Nightmare saying he ran away from WWE because he didn’t like the Stardust gimmick and ran away from AEW once he couldn’t get over.

Rhodes clapped back, saying that after WrestleMania, Roman would remember how it felt to lose and The Bloodline would forsake him, one by one.

The American Nightmare spoke to WrestleJoy in an exclusive interview to hype his WrestleMania matchup with Reigns. He discussed his recent confrontation with the Tribal Chief, saying that the champion was right in bringing up his past. The second-generation star mentioned that he left places when things weren’t going well for him and created a new legacy for himself.

“I love that Roman brought it up in terms of running. I have to own it. I did meet adversity and I did not say, you know what, I’m gonna put my feet in the sand and stay. I didn’t put my flag here. I’m not gonna get back to the campus. I’m gonna find a different campus.”

Rhodes added that he hated the phrase “trust the process” and believes that he couldn’t afford to continue getting “stung.”

I hate the expression ‘trust the process’ with all my life. Why not create the process? Why do I have to trust the process? I’d rather create the process. Roman isn’t wrong that the business stung me, and I had to move away from where I got stung. I couldn’t just continue to get stung.” [H/T WrestleJoy]

You can watch the full interview here:

Cody Rhodes defeated Ludwig Kaiser on SmackDown

For the first time in seven years, Cody Rhodes competed in a singles match on SmackDown this past Friday. The American Nightmare squared off against Imperium member Ludwig Kaiser.

Rhodes was taking the fight to his opponent when Paul Heyman marched down to the ramp to witness the proceedings. He was soon followed by Solo Sikoa. The odds were further titled against the former AEW star as Giovanni Vinci interfered at ringside.

However, Cody Rhodes prevailed against the numbers game as he picked up the win with a devastating Cody Cutter.

The American Nightmare is set to face Solo Sikoa on the upcoming episode of RAW, as he looks to be in dominant form heading into the main event of WrestleMania.

Are you excited to see Cody Rhodes in action at WrestleMania? Sound off in the comments section below.

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