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Top WWE star details why he was jealous of Roman Reigns

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Mar 28, 2023

Top WWE star Cody Rhodes recently revealed that he was jealous of Roman Reigns and many other superstars that received creative assistance from his late father, Dusty Rhodes.

In his final years before his death in 2015, The American Dream worked as a backstage producer and booker for WWE’s developmental system, NXT. During this time, Dusty helped many of today’s top stars find their voice as performers.

The crop of stars that the WWE Hall of Famer helped would later become known as ‘Dusty’s Kids.’ This seemingly led to Rhodes’ actual son, Cody, feeling slightly envious of many WWE performers. In a recent interview with AP News, The American Nightmare said the following about his father’s stint as backstage figure in NXT:

“When he passed away, ‘Dusty’s Kids’ was something that I heard a lot because his influence and legacy were being spread out. That was a statistic being touted. Bayley, Sasha [Banks], Becky [Lynch], Seth [Rollins], Roman, Sami [Zayn], Kevin [Owens], the core ones, were all doing better than I was. It wasn’t something I could complain about or throw a tantrum over because they were honoring him. It almost felt like they were honoring him more than I was. There’s jealousy and envy that comes with it.” (H/T Wrestling Headlines)

Since returning to WWE last April, Cody Rhodes has made it his mission to win a world championship in honor of his father.

Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes are set to collide at WrestleMania 39

In the main event of WrestleMania 39 this weekend, The Head of the Table and The American Nightmare will lock horns for Reigns’ Undisputed WWE Universal Championship.

This Friday on SmackDown, the two stars will meet face-to-face one final time before their history-making clash on The Grandest Stage of Them All.

If Cody Rhodes is to defeat Roman Reigns, he will have to end what has arguably been the greatest championship reign in modern-day WWE.

Will Cody Rhodes dethrone Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39? Send us your predictions in the comments section below.

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