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Returning WWE Superstar should “re-injure” Cody Rhodes to help Roman Reigns retain his championships at WrestleMania 39

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Mar 30, 2023

Roman Reigns has held the Universal Championship for upwards of 940 days. While it has now been combined with the WWE Title, it’s a very impressive reign for someone in modern-era wrestling.

Now, with Cody Rhodes facing Reigns at WrestleMania, he could finally lose the title. For the most part, fans expect Rhodes to defeat Roman Reigns and end the night as the new Undisputed WWE Universal Champion.

However, there’s something else to consider. With Reigns coming so close to 1000 days as champion, there’s a chance that WWE will decide to keep him as champion just to reach that landmark. This is a feat that would be hard for any modern wrestler to equal, given the way the title has been booked in recent years.

So Cody Rhodes might lose to Roman Reigns in quite a shock encounter at WrestleMania. However, for that to happen, WWE needs to somewhat protect Rhodes. The Bloodline has come to Reigns’ aid several times in the past, but this time, WWE might opt for a different superstar.

Randy Orton has been rumored to be returning at WrestleMania for some time, and this might be the perfect way to re-introduce him into the mix.

Randy Orton “re-injuring” Cody Rhodes during his match against Roman Reigns could set up the feud that pushes Cody to the stratosphere in WWE

Randy Orton has been out of action for a long time due to issues with his back. Now that he might be returning, who better to set him up in a feud with than Cody Rhodes?

The two men are no strangers to each other, having been part of the Legacy stable. In many ways, Orton was one of Rhodes’ mentors during his early days in WWE.

Now, with Rhodes returning to WWE at a main event level, him facing Randy Orton just makes sense. A brutal attack by Orton on Rhodes at WrestleMania would immediately turn him heel.

The ruthlessness that a heel Orton possesses would push Cody Rhodes further up in fans’ eyes. Being “re-injured” while on the cusp of winning the biggest titles in WWE would also help him here.

Returning from that injury, he could face Orton in a brutal feud that would see both men push each other to extreme lengths. Cody Rhodes, who would come out of this feud, would then be red hot, and the favorite to defeat Roman Reigns finally and take his titles.

While he could try to do the same now, doing it after this feud would make it feel more special.

Who do you think wins at WrestleMania? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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