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WWE RAW star reveals how Brock Lesnar injured him for months

ByRD Media

Mar 31, 2023

Brock Lesnar is one of the strongest WWE Superstars in history. In a recent video, Seth Rollins revealed that his former opponent accidentally injured him during their match at WrestleMania 35 in 2019.

Lesnar launched Rollins against the ring apron as they battled it out at ringside before the match officially began. The Beast Incarnate thought the LED board would prevent his rival from suffering an awkward landing. However, he did not realize that WWE used a standard ring skirt on that side of the ring.

Rollins rewatched the match as part of a WWE Playback video. He recalled how he sustained an elbow injury as a result of the incident:

“When Brock [Lesnar] threw me into the ring [apron] there, there’s LED boards on all the rings now, and he thought there was an LED board there, so he thought it was gonna be hard, so he threw me into the base of the ring, but there’s nothing there,” Rollins said. “I just went into the metal underneath the ring – it’s just a metal frame – and my elbow was messed up for months after that.” [From 05:00 – 05:28]

Rollins defeated Lesnar to capture the WWE Universal Championship. The match was supposed to go on second-to-last, but The Beast Incarnate decided at short notice that he wanted to open the WrestleMania 35 main show instead.

Seth Rollins on Brock Lesnar’s freakish strength

Over the last decade, Seth Rollins has stepped into the ring with almost everyone on the WWE roster.

From a physical standpoint, the four-time world champion believes Brock Lesnar can compete with anyone in WWE or the strongman world:

“He’s just the strongest dude on the planet, just farm boy strength, right?” Rollins continued. “Just unreal. I think he grew up in Minnesota or the Dakotas or something like that. If you put him in a strongman [competition], he’s gotta beat everybody. I don’t care how much you can lift. He’s just a beast.” [From 05:33 – 05:53]

Rollins will face Logan Paul on the first night of WrestleMania 39 on Saturday. The following night, Lesnar is set to go one-on-one with Omos for the first time.

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