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Backstage report on who was responsible for the segment where Brock Lesnar demolished Cody Rhodes on RAW

ByRD Media

Apr 5, 2023

WWE RAW saw quite a few odd decisions made by the company, but one that had everyone talking was Brock Lesnar turning on Cody Rhodes. The segment saw The Beast Incarnate absolutely demolishing Rhodes after pretending to be his tag team partner in the main event.

The reason for Lesnar’s betrayal of Rhodes is not known. However, it’s expected heading away from WrestleMania, the two will be involved in a feud heading into Backlash. Rhodes was absolutely devastated during the main event of the show, with Lesnar hitting him with multiple F5s, as well as hitting him with chairs and using the steel steps to take him apart.

WWE had several such questionable decisions made over the last week, with a lot of the blame put on the return of Vince McMahon, who is reportedly back in “control,” thanks to the sale. He was reportedly in the Gorilla position yesterday.

Fightful Select, though, has reported who was responsible for producing the segment where Brock Lesnar turned on Cody Rhodes. They said that it was Michael Hayes who produced it.

Hayes was also the one who produced the opening promo between Roman Reigns and Rhodes that saw the show move on from Triple H’s promo at the start of RAW.

Brock Lesnar made a funny mistake at the end of the show that left him making an obscene gesture

Brock Lesnar walked away at the end of the show after destroying Cody Rhodes. Just then, he seemed to get instructions to go back and beat him up even more.

However, before the moment could happen, just as he was walking out, WWE started to go off the air. Lesnar was visibly frustrated at this, and the fact that he made a mistake was clear with the show going off early.

He made it even more obvious with an obscene gesture at the camera while cursing, which he quickly turned into a taunt towards the downed Rhodes instead. Lesnar flipped off the camera and then turned his gesture towards a decimated American Nightmare.

It remains to be seen how the feud between Lesnar and Rhodes will pan out over the next few weeks.

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