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Triple H’s WWE SmackDown appearance could be to prevent potential hijack

ByRD Media

Apr 7, 2023

WWE recently announced that Triple H will make his second TV appearance in a week as a part of tonight’s episode of WWE SmackDown.

Triple H retired from the ring back in 2022 and has since been focused on the day-to-day running of the company.

The recent merger with UFC was the reason behind Triple H’s appearance on RAW, but over the past four days, there appears to have been quite a backlash.

Wrestling fans have been pushing for tonight’s episode of SmackDown to be hijacked with #FireVince chants, as well as fans from home updating their social media in order to get the phrase trending once again.

The message has been around online for a few days now, which means that WWE will be prepared for a potential hijack tonight, but could that be why Triple H has been called in to be part of the show?

Will Triple H address the #FireVince trend on WWE SmackDown?

Triple H could be appearing on SmackDown to echo the same thoughts from RAW, where he reassured the WWE Universe that plans wouldn’t change despite the sale and that the company would remain the way it always has been.

That being said, he could also address the current trend and reiterate that Vince McMahon has no input when it comes to the creative process. The WWE Chairman himself has already noted this himself, but it could be worth mentioning again just to ensure that fans are aware.

Of course, this isn’t something that the company would usually take to TV, but if it would prevent the whole show from being hijacked, then it could be worth The Game attempting to defuse the situation.

Do you think Triple H will address the current situation with Vince McMahon on live TV on this week’s WWE SmackDown? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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