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“We have a chemistry that goes well and flows” – 40-year-old WWE Superstar opens up about his relationship with Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio

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Apr 10, 2023

WWE Superstar Damian Priest recently discussed his relationship with fellow Judgment Day members Rhea Ripley and Dominik Mysterio.

On the latest edition of Friday Night SmackDown, Priest and Dominik faced Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar in a tag team match. The bout ended when The Archer of Infamy hit Escobar with South of Heaven to secure the victory.

During a recent episode of the Out of Character podcast, Priest spoke about his relationship with his stablemates. The former champion mentioned how he had developed a good bond with Finn Balor during his time in NXT.

“When I was in NXT, I was in a feud with Finn Balor, that’s when things started to click. Then on RAW, we had Judgment Day, and he was going to come in. We got to work together again, but instead of [being] on opposite sides, we were on the same side. There’s a connection and we understand each other whether we’re against or with, it works. We have a chemistry that goes well and flows.”

Priest added that he faced no issues while teaming up with Rhea Ripley, as they were already close in real life. He further revealed that although he wasn’t sure about Dominik initially, the youngster eventually turned out to be his best friend.

Rhea, obviously, that was an easy one because we were always homies. Dom was actually the only one that I wasn’t sure about because I didn’t really know him that well. I knew him as Rey’s kid, that’s it, and now we’re best friends, which is awesome. Like, we’re always together even when we’re back home. When we’re off the road, we’re hanging out. So it’s pretty neat that we’ve all gotten this close, and it’s just not on camera. Off camera, we are probably even closer.” [H/T WrestlingNews.co]


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Rhea Ripley jokes about being jealous of Liv Morgan

Judgment Day member Rhea Ripley spoke about the new pairing of Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez on SmackDown.

Speaking on Ring The Bell, Ripley jokingly mentioned that she is jealous of Morgan as the latter gets carried by Raquel Rodriguez every now and then. The Eradicator also highlighted how she brought Morgan and Rodriguez together as tag team partners.

“Oh yeah. Now she climbs for Raquel [Rodriguez] you know and I feel dirty. Because they’re both like my ex-tag team partners and I feel like I brought them together in a way. Urgh.”


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It would be exciting to see what plans WWE has going forward for Rhea Ripley and The Judgment Day.

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