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“Insufferable”: 34-year-old female WWE star calls out Paul Heyman for rude behavior

ByRD Media

Apr 11, 2023

The Tribal Chief’s Wiseman Paul Heyman recently got called out by WWE backstage interviewer Cathy Kelley for his rude behavior during this week’s Monday Night RAW segment.

WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns has been away from the television screen for the last two weekly shows. However, Heyman is doing a great job of filling in and continuing The Bloodline’s storylines with his promos and backstage segments.

On RAW this week, Cathy Kelley interviewed Paul Heyman backstage and asked whether he could provide any insights on Brock Lesnar’s brutal attack on Cody Rhodes last week. Heyman hilariously replied, “Yes, I can. Question answered,” and then went on to mimic Cathy and make fun of her interviewing style in his classic heel mannerism.

USA Network’s official Twitter account posted a clip from this backstage interview, telling Cathy that Heyman is sometimes too difficult to handle.

The WWE star replied to the same, taking a dig at Heyman and calling him “insufferable.” The Wiseman was also quick to reply back with the following:

@catherinekelley For the record, despite @USANetwork’s refusal to use spellcheck, I don’t find you insufferable. You’re welcome.”

Brock Lesnar showered massive praise on Paul Heyman in a recent interview

Despite being a heel on-screen, Heyman is a beloved and highly respected personality backstage. Many consider him one of the greatest minds in the pro-wrestling business.

During a recent interview with Daniel Cormier on ESPN MMA, former Paul Heyman guy Brock Lesnar showered massive praise for his former “advocate,” revealing that Heyman has multiple roles to play behind the screen as well in WWE.

“I broke into this business with Paul Heyman as my mouthpiece, and here I am 23 years later and I’m carrying my own stick, so it’s crazy how things have evolved. Without Paul Heyman, this business wouldn’t be what it is. It truly wouldn’t, especially in the last year. Paul, behind the scenes, wears a lot of hats for this company. He’s greatly respected and greatly appreciated,” said Brock Lesnar.

The 57-year-old WWE manager has been involved with The Bloodline (Roman Reigns, The Usos, and Solo Sikoa) over the last few years and has been pivotal in making the faction and the storyline a massive success. He and Roman Reigns reportedly also have creative control over the direction of their storylines and angles.

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