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WWE News Roundup: Vince McMahon’s alleged affairs with three co-workers, Current star on dating Jennifer Aniston; Roman Reigns SummerSlam opponent

ByRD Media

Apr 12, 2023

Welcome to the latest edition of WWE News Roundup, where we bring you all the exciting news from the world of sports entertainment. In today’s piece, we will cover important news regarding names like Vince McMahon, Rey Mysterio, Eva Marie, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens.

Vince McMahon was charged with misconduct allegations last year, which eventually led to his resignation from the company. However, the 77-year-old made a comeback to the global juggernaut earlier this year and played a key role in the company’s sale to Endeavor.

#4. WWE Hall of Famer says he’s heard of about three of Vince McMahon’s affairs with co-workers

Vince McMahon has faced serious sexual misconduct allegations in the past. He had to step back from his position as Chairman and CEO of WWE as he was accused of paying millions in “hush money” to several women he’d had affairs with.

Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts recently revealed in an interview that he was aware of McMahon’s affairs before they became known publicly, adding that he has heard of three of Vince’s affairs:

“(Vince McMahon paying ‘hush money’) It’s not the first time. (If Roberts has heard about things like these happen before) Oh god, yeah. (When asked about how many incidents he’s heard about) Three. (On whether Vince McMahon was having affairs with his co-workers and paying them off afterwards) Yeah. This is the time that it got outside the (bubble),” said Jake Roberts.

WWE’s merger with Endeavor has enabled Vince McMahon to continue his role as the Executive Chairman of the company. However, his new contract has various clauses that could result in his ouster if they are breached.

#3. Eva Marie hints at her potential return to WWE

Eva Marie has stayed off the squared circle since getting released from WWE for the second time in 2021. She recently spoke about her return to the company, stating that the “door is always open.”

Of course. That door is always open, I mean we’re in constant talks. When I had originally left, I was filming my first lead action movie, so ya know, that door is definitely one of those things that is always, always open and I’m definitely down to always cause some trouble and stir up some things, that’s for sure,” Eva Marie said.

#2. Rey Mysterio addressed the rumors of him dating Jennifer Aniston

Rumors of Rey Mysterio dating Jennifer Aniston started to circulate around the late 1990s. The Master of 619 talked about it on the latest edition of Logan Paul’s ImPaulsive podcast, jokingly stating that it was for a week:

“(In 1997 you were dating Jennifer Aniston?) About a week,” said Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio had already debunked the rumor long back, and the question was just asked in a joking manner by the hosts of the podcast.

#1. Booker T talked about Roman Reigns’ opponent at SummerSlam

Roman Reigns has been the face of WWE for the last several years. The Tribal Chief looks set to headline another SummerSlam after retaining his title against Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 39.

During a recent episode of the Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T stated that Cody Rhodes should be Roman Reigns’ opponent at the biggest party of the summer.

I don’t wanna see Roman Reigns wrestle anybody that he’s wrestled already other than Cody,” he said.

The American Nightmare is currently involved in a feud with Brock Lesnar and will have to go through the Beast Incarnate before a possible match against The Bloodline leader.

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