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Undefeated star must move to WWE RAW to set up retirement match for Brock Lesnar

ByRD Media

Apr 13, 2023

Brock Lesnar is currently booked to feud with Cody Rhodes after he attacked The American Nightmare on WWE RAW after WrestleMania. Rhodes has since challenged him to a match at Backlash, which is yet to be accepted. But fans are eager to see The Beast face a certain Ring General.

At present, it looks like Lesnar could be wrestling more dates in 2023 since there are rumors of a dream match between him and Gunther being discussed for SummerSlam. Gunther remains undefeated in singles action on the main roster, and Brock Lesnar could be his first major test after overcoming both Sheamus and Drew McIntyre at WrestleMania.

That being said, the two men are on opposite brands, and with the WWE Draft on the horizon, this could be the perfect opportunity to set up some future bouts.

Gunther and Imperium could make their way to RAW, which would allow the company to book a ‘Banger’ SummerSlam program with him and Brock Lesnar if The Beast wraps up his feud with Cody Rhodes in Puerto Rico.

Is Gunther the ideal opponent to retire Brock Lesnar?

Given the way SmackDown has been booked over the past few years, it’s likely that Roman Reigns will remain on the blue brand, and Lesnar will then be the main star on RAW until he is conquered by Gunther.

The two men have already teased a future bout earlier this year at the Royal Rumble, and given the fact that Lesnar is running out of things to do in WWE, it could be the perfect retirement match. The Ring General has proven his worth ever since he was called up to the main roster. He could be the perfect opponent for The Beast’s final chapter.

A match of this caliber needs a grand stage like WrestleMania. But WWE could book the feud in a way that their first encounter takes place at SummerSlam this year, with Lesnar then opting to put his career on the line in a WrestleMania rematch.

Do you think Gunther will be drafted to RAW? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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