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WWE veteran claims Randy Orton was forced by authorities to make a big change to his character

ByRD Media

Apr 15, 2023

As WWE Superstars, wrestlers often have to do many things that might not suit them, even if they are as well-known as Randy Orton. MVP pointed out that he, The Viper, and Carlito all shared the same issue when they started out in WWE, with a move forced upon them.

While Randy Orton is famous for his use of the RKO as his finisher, that was not always the case. There was a time when he used a few other finishers. He used a Full Nelson Slam when in OVW and then used a move called the Overdrive or the O-Zone. It was nothing else other than The Playmaker. This same move would be used by Carlito as well for a while.

Orton commented on it in an interview.

“Yeah, early on. I did a, like, Full Nelson kind of slam, gosh, but that was like in OVW. I don’t even know if I won a match down there, so there is probably no tape of me doing it. I did a move called ”The OverDrive’ but it’s kind of hard to explain that one. I think MVP did that for a while, too.”

MVP was answering fan questions and talked about using the move. As it turns out, the move was forced on him, just as it was on Carlito and Randy Orton.

The “Playmaker” was forced on me like Carlito and Randy. I just wasn’t able to shake it. I blatantly ripped off “The People’s Elbow” and put some Hip-Hop on it.”


Check out the exchange below:

MVP also admitted that he ripped off ‘The People’s Elbow’ for the Ballin’ Elbow.

The Playmaker is not a popular move and is often pointed out by the fans as not making sense.

The finisher has often been criticized, but apparently, someone in charge in WWE felt that it was worth being used as a finisher for some time. Thankfully, it’s not used now, and Randy Orton abandoned it to use the RKO, which is one of the most popular finishers of all time.

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