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The Bloodline reportedly set to continue feud with popular stable on WWE SmackDown

ByRD Media

Apr 23, 2023

The Bloodline was once the strongest and most dominant stable in WWE. However, cracks have begun to set in after the group’s storyline with Sami Zayn on the blue brand. According to a new report, the faction will continue its feud with the recently revived Latino World Order and have some growing issues with The Judgment Day.

In 2020, Roman Reigns began his dominant reign as the Universal Champion on WWE SmackDown, slowly creating an army consisting of his family members to stay at the top of the mountain. Unfortunately, the dynamic of the group changed drastically after the inclusion of Solo Sikoa and Sami Zayn.

While Zayn has left the group, Sikoa is still The Enforcer and provided massive assists to The Tribal Chief. According to a new report from WRKD Wrestling, the stable will not only continue its feud with the Latino World Order but will have growing issues with The Judgment Day. Check it out:

“During tonight’s #Smackdown you’ll see The Bloodline have growing issues with both the LWO and The Judgement Day.”

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It is highly unlikely for The Judgment Day and The Bloodline to feud as they have both been the on-screen heel for a while. However, the stable has had issues with the Latino World Order since last Monday.

The Bloodline and The Judgment Day decided to resolve each other’s issues on WWE RAW

Last year, The Judgment Day was created on RAW by Edge. Unfortunately, the Rated-R Superstar was kicked out of his own creation after the arrival of Finn Balor. Later, Dominik Mysterio joined the fray.

Meanwhile, The Bloodline has been dominating the company as one of the hottest acts for over two years. Unfortunately, the stable has lost most of its strength while feuding with Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens for months.

Last Monday, both stables came face-to-face and decided to settle each other’s issues on the red brand. The Bloodline decided to go up against the Latino World Order, which led to Solo Sikoa getting a win over Rey Mysterio.

Meanwhile, The Judgment Day failed to keep their promise as they lost a six-man tag team match against Matt Riddle, Sami Zayn, and Kevin Owens. It will be interesting to see what the stables have in store for each other over the coming weeks.

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