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Mandy Rose sends a heartfelt message to 22-year-old WWE star

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Apr 25, 2023

While Mandy Rose may not be a part of WWE anymore, the former NXT Women’s Champion rarely misses out on paying compliments to her former colleagues. The Golden Goddess recently sent a heartfelt message to NXT star Cora Jade.

It was reported before RAW that Cora Jade was present at last night’s tapings. The 22-year-old competed on this week’s Main Event, which was taped in Chicago to air on Thursday’s episode

Jade took on RAW star Nikki Cross in a singles match. While she was on the losing end of her bout, the rising star was thankful for competing at the Allstate arena. Cora revealed that being from Chicago, she often used to visit the arena as a child and last wrestled there in 2018.Mandy Rose was quick to respond to Cora’s tweet, stating her happiness for the latter. Check out Mandy’s tweet below

Besides Cora Jade, NXT star Joe Gacy also competed on this week’s Main Event. Dexter Lumis defeated the Schism leader in a one-on-one contest. Main Event airs every Thursday on Hulu, and then on a two-week delay via Peacock and the WWE Network.

Mandy Rose competed against Cora Jade multiple times during her time with WWE

While Mandy Rose may have had a lackluster run on the main roster, the Golden Goddess completely revitalized her career upon returning to NXT in 2021.

She did not take long to win the NXT Women’s Championship and had a record 413-day run with the title. During this time, Mandy also defeated NXT UK Women’s Champion Meiko Satomura and Blair Davenport in a triple threat match to unify the titles.

Throughout her championship reign, Rose went on to fend off title contenders such as Roxanne Perez, Wendy Choo, and Zoey Stark. She also faced off against Cora Jade on multiple occasions. However, the only singles match between them came when the former WWE star did not have gold around her waist

Roxanne Perez ended Mandy Rose’s title run in December 2022. She was released from her WWE contract the next day, and has not stepped inside the squared circle ever since

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