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Will Alexa Bliss return to WWE during the 2023 Draft? Predicting the future ahead of Night 1

ByRD Media

Apr 25, 2023

Alexa Bliss’ WWE return is one that many fans are anticipating, especially now that the company’s Draft is happening soon. Unfortunately, it looks like her absence will continue even after the Draft occurs.

The former RAW Women’s Champion was last seen at this year’s Royal Rumble, where she unsuccessfully challenged Bianca Belair for the aforementioned championship.

Leading up to the event, not only was she dealing with The EST of WWE but also with Uncle Howdy. After her loss at the January premium live event,

another reference was made hinting at her previous darker character with Bray Wyatt. This angle may be the reason why Alexa’s return is being held up.

Alexa Bliss may not be able to join the WWE Draft 2023. The most noticeable reason is that she wasn’t included in the graphic with over a hundred superstars. Recent reports have also shared that there are no creative plans for Bliss at the moment.

It was also previously reported that a reunion between Bliss and Bray Wyatt could occur around WrestleMania 39. However, The Eater of Worlds suffered an undisclosed health issue which caused him to miss out on The Show of Shows, and his absence continues. From the looks of it, Alexa Bliss’ WWE return depends on Bray Wyatt’s availability.

The Night 1 of the WWE Draft 2023 will take place on April 28, 2023, on SmackDown. Meanwhile, Night 2 will take place on the Monday Night RAW episode the following week.

Another factor could have affected Alexa Bliss’ WWE return

During the 31-year-old’s absence, she remained active on social media to interact with fans. However, one aspect that she did not share was regarding her health. As it turns out, the superstar was diagnosed with a form of skin cancer.

In a post, the WWE Superstar shared that she was diagnosed with Basal Cell Carcinoma. It is the most common but is also curable and causes minimal damage when treated early. Fortunately, this did not affect Alexa’s health in a major way, but it did potentially require her to rest while recovering.

The Brand Draft is a good way to introduce new upcoming talents from NXT and also to feature a number of surprise returns. However, it looks like Alexa Bliss might not be joining this year. Still, fans are always eagerly anticipating her eventual return.

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