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Triple H could potentially bring back popular WWE format after five years

ByRD Media

Apr 26, 2023

After years of working with NXT, Triple H became the Chief Content Officer of the company last August. According to a new report, Hunter could potentially bring back a popular format for RAW and SmackDown following WWE Draft 2023.

Upon the arrival of the new regime, the company’s product started to capture the audience’s interest and generate a positive buzz, and increased revenue. Triple H was the person behind these changes after Vince McMahon left the company.

After WrestleMania 39, Hunter announced that the annual Draft will be returning by the end of April. According to a new report, The Game has more plans for both RAW and SmackDown, including the idea of brand extension premium live events in the near future. Check it out:

“One format discussed after the announcement of the draft and the introduction of the new World Heavyweight championship on #WWERaw is the idea of potential brand exclusive premium live monthly events.”

In 2018, the old regime ended the concept of brand-exclusive premium live events. The first and last events of the second brand split were Backlash 2016 and Fastlane 2018, respectively.

Triple H recently introduced a new World title on WWE RAW

In 2020, Roman Reigns became the Universal Champion of SmackDown and began his reign of tyranny. The Tribal Chief eventually made his way to the red brand and captured the WWE Championship at WrestleMania 38.

Since unifying the belts, the champion’s appearances on weekly shows have reduced, along with his title defenses. Fans expected Triple H to bring a new world championship right after the arrival of his new regime.

However, The Game took his time to make such major changes in the company. Last night, Triple H came out and addressed fans regarding the future of the world title scene in the company.

He later unveiled the World Heavyweight Championship, which will go to the brand that doesn’t draft Roman Reigns. The new champion will be crowned in Saudi Arabia at Night of Champions 2023.

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