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“Just say it!” – Vince Russo knows the real reason why WWE has a new world title and wants Triple H to publicly announce it (Exclusive)

ByRD Media

Apr 26, 2023

The WWE Universe has more questions than answers following the introduction of the World Heavyweight Championship. While speaking on the latest edition of Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Legion of RAW, Vince Russo stated that WWE should publicly acknowledge that the new title has been unveiled to please the company’s TV partners.

Despite being the undisputed world champion, Roman Reigns has primarily appeared on SmackDown as he’s been officially drafted to the blue brand for a long time.

Vince Russo, who has secretly worked with USA Network recently, felt that the executives would have demanded a separate title on RAW and a champion that shows up regularly on the show.

Triple H’s explanation for unveiling a new world championship did not go well with Vince, who felt The Game should have revealed the actual reason behind the move, which stems from the requirements of the promotion’s partners.

“Just come out and say both of our television partners, USA and FOX, both of our television partners want a champion! Just say it! That’s better than this. That is better than what you did! At least that explains it, bro,” Russo explained. “And put him over; one guy can’t physically, possibly, you know, defend both belts on two shows. Put him over in the process. But nobody beat him, so we’re going to have another belt. Okay.” [48:00 – 49:00]

Nobody can beat Roman, so we’re just going to have another belt: Vince Russo appalled by WWE’s reasoning

The former WWE writer was brutally honest while assessing Triple H’s promo and realized that the only reason the World Heavyweight Championship was brought into the mix was because of Roman Reigns’ dominance.

Russo found it odd that Triple H indirectly confirmed that nobody on the roster was capable of dethroning The Tribal Chief, and the only option left was to get another belt.

Vince added that the fanbase wouldn’t complain as they’d consume everything WWE throws at them.

“It’s the way these bubbleheads do things that, like, you watch this, and if you have a brain in your head! Basically, what Triple H said was this, and bro, that WWE Universe, they will buy anything, no matter what you tell them. Here’s what Triple H basically said, Roman Reigns is going on to 1000 days as a champion; nobody can’t beat Roman Reigns. So, we’re going to have another belt over here. Like, really? That’s how they did it! Nobody can beat Roman, so we’re just going to have another belt. Oh my god, bro! It’s horrible, bro. Horrible!” [44:15 – 46:30]

Like most wrestling fans, Vince Russo was also confused about whether WWE had two or three world titles and called out the company for constantly changing its stance on title unifications.

Are you a fan of the decision to have the new World Heavyweight Championship? Share your reactions in the comments section below.

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