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“See you at SummerSlam”- WWE Universe erupts over the possibility of female star making an in-ring return after 18 years

ByRD Media

Apr 28, 2023

Trish Stratus recently returned to WWE programming and has already established herself as the top heel of the women’s division. Trish and Lita’s comebacks have increased the possibility of more veterans making an in-ring return. A recent video from Stacy Keibler added further fuel to the fire, as many believe that the Hall of Famer could be in line to make a comeback.

Stacy was a prominent member of WWE’s women’s division in the early 2000s. However, she left the company in 2006 to move on to other endeavors. Her last match inside the squared circle was in 2005, where she was defeated by Jillian Hall on an episode of WWE Velocity. The 43-year-old has made sporadic appearances since parting ways with the global juggernaut.

Stacy recently posted a training video on Twitter, which caused an uproar among fans. Many believe that the Hall of Famer could be next in line to return after Trish Stratus and Lita.

Embedded below are a few of the many fans’ reactions:

Stacy Keibler was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year

While Stacy Keibler was not a part of the Stamford-based promotion for a very long time, her contributions to the pro wrestling world were recognized by the company as she was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame this year. The 43-year-old was inducted by Mick Foley and Torrie Wilson.

Stacy’s Hall of Fame induction was questioned by Bill Apter as the wrestling veteran believes her career inside the squared circle isn’t worthy of the honor:

“I think she [Stacy Keibler] had a good career. I don’t know if it was a career memorable enough to put her in the Hall of Fame unless there’s a reason to do that. She hasn’t been seen or anything in a long time, she hasn’t [been] seen [in] movies that I know of, not even a reality show. So maybe they’re just going to do this for nostalgia. Unless George Clooney is going to reunite with her. I think they’re looking for a name where fans go, ‘my god, we haven’t seen her in ages,'” said Bill Apter.

Stacy Keibler was a part of WWE for only five years and did not win any championships during that time. Before that, she was a member of WCW. Her most notable run in the Stamford-based promotion came when she was hired as Vince McMahon’s on-screen assistant.

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