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WWE Draft 2023: 7 major names omitted from the list

ByRD Media

Apr 28, 2023

Beginning from the April 28 episode of SmackDown, WWE Draft 2023 will change the landscape of the main roster. The roster refresh will shift talent from one brand to another and lay the foundation for newer rivalries during the onset of summer.

WWE recently revealed the plans for the Night One and Night Two proceedings for the Draft. In Chris Jericho’s words, over 90 names “made the list!” However, multiple top stars were missing. It is unknown whether the company has some surprises in store or if their plans aren’t set in stone and could include changes soon.

Most of the superstars that were omitted from the official WWE Draft 2023 list are either injured or AWOL. They have been heavily rumored to return, though, as Triple H mentioned that each star will be eligible for the Draft irrespective of their active/inactive status.

In this list of seven major names omitted from the WWE Draft 2023 #7 is Logan Paul

Logan Paul was hinted to be a part of the WWE Draft 2023
Logan Paul was hinted to be a part of the WWE Draft 2023

Following his WrestleMania 39 performance, Logan Paul signed another contract with WWE. He has had a promising start to his wrestling career, having competed with notable stars such as The Miz, Seth Rollins, and Roman Reigns.

There is a great deal of uncertainty regarding Paul’s status for the roster shifts. He is not featured in the official graphics of WWE Draft 2023 nor in the list, despite being advertised for the event a few days ago. The company could still be in the planning phase for the youngster’s next feud with a top competitor.

#6. Carmella

In August, Carmella suffered a head injury that sidelined her from television for the whole of 2022. She returned earlier this year and punched her way to the Women’s Elimination Chamber match. The former Women’s Champion actively competed in the top card before disappearing last month.

Carmella was scheduled for a tag team alongside Chelsea on the March 20 episode of RAW, but she was replaced by Piper Niven. Her last televised appearance was on March 6. No update has been provided by WWE regarding her absence, but it could be due to the fact that she wants to spend more time with her family.

#5. Bray Wyatt

The Eater of Worlds was on his way to lock horns with Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania. He tormented his rival with cryptic promos throughout the end of February but ‘disappeared without a trace’ a few days before ‘Mania, leaving his story with The All Mighty and Alexa Bliss up to speculation.

Wyatt is apparently dealing with an undisclosed health issue. Reports stated that he won’t be picked by either RAW or SmackDown during the WWE Draft 2023. The precarious injury situation has the promotion on guard, so expect him to be out of action for several weeks.

#4. Uncle Howdy

Speaking of Bray Wyatt, his unidentified supernatural Uncle has been missing since March after getting Speared by Bobby Lashley on SmackDown. There are a great many theories as to who is behind the mask, but it is often speculated to be Bray’s real-life brother, Bo Dallas (Taylor Rotunda).

Uncle Howdy was the sole link that tied Wyatt and Alexa Bliss’ reunion story. The entity was not only an integral part of Wyatt’s character development but also re-defined Bliss’ darker roots. The WWE Draft 2023 list didn’t mention Howdy to either compound his mysterious nature or hint that he will return with Wyatt.

#3. Alexa Bliss

Little Miss Bliss has been absent since losing to RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair at the Royal Rumble event in January. She initially took a timeout to get treated for basal cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer, but is reportedly cleared to wrestle.

As mentioned earlier, Alexa Bliss was midway through her reunion storyline with Bray Wyatt. Fans were curious as to how she would react to her title loss, as Uncle Howdy hinted that he was in control of her. The former Women’s Champion usually ignored the entity but had to confront it sooner or later.

Bliss’ absence is felt on the RAW roster, as she has been an active competitor in weekly shows for several years. Her contract is slated to expire in early 2024. Given the television time she has lost and the lack of plans for her after the WWE Draft 2023, fans are disheartened.

#2. Randy Orton

The multi-time world champion was omitted from the WWE Draft 2023 list
The multi-time world champion was omitted from the WWE Draft 2023 list

The new World Heavyweight Championship sparked a belief that the former titleholder will return to regain his rightful place. Positive updates on his condition added to the hype, but the latest reports mentioned he isn’t close to coming back.

Randy Orton is dealing with a back injury that has shelved him since the May 20, 2022, episode of SmackDown. Fans hoped to see his name pop up in the WWE Draft 2023, but they may have to wait a bit longer to get an update about his future. The company is making sure that The Viper is getting enough rest following a successful fusion surgery.

#1. Big E

Big E has been absent since suffering a career-threatening neck injury during a match against The Brawling Brutes on the March 11, 2022, episode of SmackDown. The multi-time Tag Team Champion was supposed to have a routine checkup at the one-year mark of his injury.

E disclosed that he is content with his wrestling achievements and teased retirement a while back. However, much like Randy Orton and Carmella, he is bound to return to WWE in some capacity due to his star power. The Powerhouse of Positivity has been seen in great spirits lately after mentioning that his recovery process is going well.

A surprise return of The New Day member could be in the script. The latest reports indicate that Big E is heading to Stamford in the midst of the WWE Draft 2023 roster shakeup.

Honorable mentions: Aliyah, Robert Roode, R-Truth, and Ciampa are also not mentioned in the WWE Draft 2023 list

Injuries have taken out a few other superstars
Injuries have taken out a few other superstars

The legendary 24/7 Champion R-Truth has also been missing from the main roster for a while now. He tore his quad during an NXT match against Grayson Waller in November. However, he did tease about returning to WWE soon and could pop up unexpectedly for some light-hearted moments during the WWE Draft 2023.

Not many fans may know that Robert Roode is also dealing with a serious neck injury. He is sidelined from action indefinitely, with his last match being at a live event in June 2022 against Omos. Meanwhile, Ciampa is recovering from hip surgery since October and will likely miss the WWE Draft 2023.

Speaking of Aliyah, the former Women’s Tag Team Champion is undoubtedly frustrated with the creative direction. She reportedly rejected several controversial pitches which affected her position in the promotion. More on that here.

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