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WWE Hall of Famer comments on 52-year-old star calling out Rey Mysterio (Exclusive)

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May 1, 2023

WWE legend Teddy Long was a big fan of Chavo Guerrero’s recent Twitter activity, where he seemingly fooled fans into believing he was taking real shots at Rey Mysterio.

Chavo got the fans buzzing when he put on a series of tweets last week where he didn’t hesitate to call out the WWE Hall of Famer. The former ECW Champion pointed out that the legendary luchador was misusing the Guerrero family’s legacy.

When blasted by fans, Chavo Guerrero cleared the air, saying it was his attempt to show how a heel should work. However, it has led to many believing there’s genuinely some tension brewing between Rey Mysterio and Chavo.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s The Wrestling Time Machine podcast, Teddy Long said he enjoyed Chavo’s Twitter rant, saying it was “old-school.”

“I guess I’m too old-school, too, because sometimes I go back to stuff and think, “Why didn’t they do this, and what were they thinking.’ But I guess the business has changed, and I guess sometimes you just don’t need it, but that’s old-school right there,” said Teddy Long. [6:32 – 6:48]

Check out the full video below:

Could Chavo Guerrero make his blockbuster return to WWE to feud with Rey Mysterio?

Chavo has been away from WWE for close to 12 years now, having left the company back in June 2011 after requesting his release. While his first tenure with the global sports entertainment juggernaut was largely successful, he never touched the heights reached by his uncle, Eddie Guerrero.

Moreover, Chavo Guerrero’s recent Twitter activity has led to fans clamoring to see him go to war against Rey Mysterio. If WWE manages to bring back the former ECW Champion, it could set the stage for a blockbuster match between them.

Though they have competed in the past, a deeply-personal feud where Chavo accuses Rey of miking the Guerrero family name has loads of potential. It remains to be seen if the promotion sees any value in a potential rivalry between the performers and brings back Chavo anytime soon.

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