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Top star sends Brock Lesnar a message after a surprise assault busts him open on RAW

ByRD Media

May 2, 2023

Brock Lesnar looked to send a message on the Draft edition of WWE RAW. He interrupted Shawn Michaels and Adam Pearce to come out to the ring and call out Cody Rhodes. It ended up being Rhodes who sent him a message.

But before he could do anything, Pearce ended up surrounding him with security guards. While Lesnar appeared only amused by this, he was not amused for long as Cody Rhodes’ music played.

As the star readied himself to face Rhodes, he was unprepared for the attack from behind. The American Nightmare attacked him, and the two started to brawl. Before security could separate them, Cody got the best out of the exchange, cutting Lesnar open as well. Thanks to the guards, they could not settle their differences ahead of Backlash.

Now, the star has sent him a message after the assault. He mocked Lesnar, holding the star’s gear and his hat, saying, “Earn it.”

Rhodes clearly has Lesnar’s number at the moment, but it remains to be seen if he can come out of WWE Backlash as the winner.

Brock Lesnar does not take being attacked well and might come at him with a whole new fury.

Do you think Cody Rhodes can beat Brock Lesnar? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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