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Undrafted WWE Superstar could join RAW as Judgment Day’s new leader alongside Rhea Ripley

ByRD Media

May 2, 2023

Thanks to this week’s WWE Draft, Rhea Ripley and The Judgment Day are both on RAW. However, there might be something more waiting in the wings for them that no one is ready for.

Several superstars have gone undrafted following this week’s events. While Brock Lesnar was referred to as a free agent, there was a star that no one mentioned. Bray Wyatt was not mentioned at all, and it seems that he’s on hiatus from WWE for the time being.

His eventual return to the company might help if he has a better gimmick. His supernatural characters have not had the best reception in recent years, and returning to his Cult Leader persona might be for the best. Given that there’s a ready-made faction for him to take charge of, it also makes sense.

Judgment Day seems to have organized everything they need to be a fierce force. However, they could become even more dominant with Bray Wyatt as their leader. The star joining them would also change the internal dynamics completely.

It would be interesting to see how Dominik or the others react, but the apparent equation would be the one between Rhea Ripley and Bray Wyatt. The unique charisma of both stars might lead to quite an interesting storyline.

With Wyatt as the leader, Judgment Day might soon have its collection of gold.

Rhea Ripley and Bray Wyatt can be an intimidating pair

Rhea Ripley, by herself, is quite an intimidating force on WWE RAW. Teamed with Bray Wyatt, there might not be any stopping her.

The pairing might see Judgment Day become the most dominant faction in WWE, even beating out The Bloodline. Given how they are on separate brands now, Wyatt might even be the star to be crowned the new World Heavyweight Champion.

Whether this happens at Night of Champions or later down the line remains to be seen. Fans will have to wait for Wyatt to return before this can happen.

Do you see Bray Wyatt joining Judgment Day? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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