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WWE must not make a massive mistake with Goldberg and Roman Reigns

ByRD Media

May 7, 2023

Undisputed world champion Roman Reigns has been one of the biggest stars in WWE’s recent history, but if the company is not careful, one angle with Goldberg could put that in jeopardy.

With the exception of John Cena, the last star to have this sort of domination over the roster was Hulk Hogan more than 30 years ago. Even Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock lost quite regularly at times.

Reigns is now close to 1000 days as the Universal Champion. After he crosses it, it’s expected that he will finally lose the title. However, that’s not guaranteed, as WWE has now introduced the World Heavyweight Championship that can be used in the main event scene. This would allow Reigns to remain at the top of the roster still.

Outside WWE, though, there have been rumors. Goldberg is apparently unhappy with how his wrestling run ended, and he wanted his last wrestling match to go differently. He said the company owes him a retirement match. Any retirement match involving Goldberg could easily be one of the biggest matches in WWE’s history if booked well.

WWE might actually decide that to make the match seem bigger than ever, they could have Goldberg be the one who finally defeats and dethrones Roman Reigns. It would not be the first time that Goldberg would beat someone he should not, with The Fiend’s loss jumping to the forefront.

To make matters mean even more, the Hall of Famer, after winning the titles, could dump them into the trash to bring his real-life issues with WWE into the storyline as well. The eventual retirement would be a huge one, but at what cost?

WWE cannot allow Goldberg to be the one to defeat Roman Reigns

But WWE must not make this mistake. If they do, they might be setting themselves up for a big failure. Not only will it destroy the titles that have been built up to be the prizes that they currently are, but it will also discredit Roman Reigns as well.

For one moment of a huge shock, WWE could shoot themselves in the foot with such a storyline. Although Triple H is unlikely to book such a story, but others in authority positions have been known to make questionable decisions in the past.

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